Introversion’s Mark Morris Drinks Responsibly

By: Derek Yu

On: August 29th, 2007

Introversion's Mark and Tom

Introversion‘s Mark Morris participated in a discussion at GCDC called “”">Against the Big Boys," during which he talked about Introversion’s troubled starts (and eventual success), and what publishers can and can’t do for you.

He also revealed how getting drunk can lead to vagrancy and/or distribution deals:

“I was too drunk to get aware of all of it,” Morris admits of that night at the IGF. “I guess I slept on a park bench that night.”

In the Q&A that followed, Morris was asked how Introversion landed its deal with Steam, to which he glibly replied, “We got drunk with [Valve COO Scott Lynch]. It was simple as that.”

I guess the “”">first of the children" have to be 21 or older. Zing!

(Thanks to Alec for the news!)

  • Nikica

    Offtopic: New version of Cortex Command is out!

  • haowan

    My kind of game developers.

  • moi

    This is not the kind of costumes you should wear if you don’t want to look like a homo though.

  • BenH

    All deals should be made while drunk 8)

  • shinygerbil

    and all drunkards should make random deals with strangers =D