B-Game Competition: Two Weeks Left!

By: Derek Yu

On: August 31st, 2007

A video explaining the game mechanics behind “Hermies,” jazzuo’s entry to the B-Game Competition!

The B-Game Competition has been a resounding success so far. All the entries look amazing and we’re having “tons o’ fun” on the forums. (Yes, I’m trying to make you feel silly for not having signed up yet! Why haven’t you!)

One thing I’ve been really happy about is how differently people have interpreted the theme and yet they’re still staying true to the basic concept behind “B-Games.” The entries run the gamut, from action games, to text adventures, to… Petri Purho’s word processing simulator which requires the use of a microphone?!

So you know how in Dead Rising, when you take photos, it tells you the genre? EROTICA! DRAMA! BRUTALITY! OUTTAKES! Yeah, we got ALL that, baby.

Even jazzuo, who’s amazing Sexy Hiking inspired the competition, is now getting in on the act (see the above video)!

This is your official reminder that there are exactly two weeks left to submit your game. I also wanted to let you guys know that I putting up an awesome “Making Of Grindhouse” book and a CD version of MDickie’s latest masterpiece, Reach, as the prizes for first place!

Hit the extended for a list of all the current entries:


Bloody Landlord! – Woodwolf

Brain Drain: Attack of the Mutant Brains – skaldicpoet9

Brave Karma Warriors – cactus

Burnham Striker and the End of Civilization – Lurk

Cottage of Doom – haowan

Dump Jumper! – Average Higgins

.flesh. – Alec

Hermies: the Game – jazzuo

Hick-a-Billy Bride – can-o-spam

Johnny Ferguson’s Albino Tae-Bo Fighter – guillermo

Poizoned Mind: A Texty B-Game for the Thinking Man Person – Pacian

Rap Attack: 2pacalypse Now – Farmergnome

Save the President! – jwaap

SM Word – Petri Purho

Technojam Dance 34,000 – Melly

Toadzilla – hamster

Untitled – Terry

  • Neon

    Woah, that video, definitly not a B game more like X.

  • Sciere

    You should probably know that the way he talks in that movie is actually a spoof of some YouTube movie where a guy from The Netherlands uses the same phrases and accents, looking for gay sex.

  • Sciere
  • merkwuerdigich

    “I do everything with you”

  • Rz.

    oh, that’s good Sciere. i thought he was retarded or something. but that games looks absolutely wonderful, and i love the way the music drowned out his voice.

  • Xander

    Amazingly, the recently announced ‘Space Phallus’ has nothing to do with this contest.

    Looks like we’re going to have a hell of a lot of fun in two weeks. ACCELEMATRIX sounds fast. REAL fast.

  • skaldicpoet9

    that game was disturbing lol…

  • Average Higgins

    I feel so dirty after watching that video!

    And this is changing the subject, but I am not going to complain about how my game just called “Dump Jumper!” Because that would obligate me to finish it.

  • Melly

    Okay, now I gotta get started on actually making this thing work out. :P Though, considering my schedule, It’s not totally certain that I’ll finish all the stuff I want for it, but I will post it even if it’s a buggy, unfinished mess. Hey, I might get extra points for that.

  • Stwelin

    I was laughing HYSTERICALLY throughout that entire video, jazzuo’s voice sounds exactly like i expected it would, like a perverted old frenchman who rapes schoolboys for a living.

  • shinygerbil


  • Prio

    I wish I had a magical blue ass.