Machinarium: New Game From Creators of Samorost

By: Derek Yu

On: August 31st, 2007


Amanita Design, the developer behind the beautiful and surreal Samorost series of games, is working on a new flash adventure game called Machinarium, slated for release in the second half of 2008.

Adventure Gamers reports:

Amanita was reluctant to reveal too many details at such an early stage, but the game will use a classic point-and-click interface, and share certain similarities with the Samorost games, such as 2D backgrounds and characters, and no spoken words. However, Machinarium will be much longer and more complex in many ways, and this time around, the art will be hand-drawn and players will have a small inventory.
Everyone in Machinarium’s original world is a robot, including the main hero of the game shown in one of the concept drawings below, who must stand against the bad guys from the “Black Cap Brotherhood”.

Welp, it certainly looks beautiful!

(Source: Tim W., in the hizzy!)

  • Joseph

    Holy sheet I want to plaaaaaaay! I think I will buy this one when it comes out…

  • rey-o

    this is shaping up to be magic just like samrost uno and dos

  • Joseph

    Hmm on the site it says that Machinarium is going to be a “full-scale adventure game”. Does that mean not flash?

  • Anthony Flack

    Ooh yeaahh

  • Neon

    Hey, i’m back. (Though i doubt any one noticed.) Just a suggestion, i think this is indie not to sure though.

    any way heres the link to JFK Reloaded

  • papamook

    nice to see they are working on a new game in a similar setting to Samorost, I like the name Machinarium and the robot looks great. I cant believe its not coming till next year though! :( cock teasers