Blogs of Fury

By: Derek Yu

On: September 4th, 2007

Hope all you American TIGSource readers had a great Labor Day weekend! I got to hang out with some old friends, which was great.

gish 2

But enough about me, eh? I wanted to bring to your attention the blogs of two artists and game designers that I have severe mancrushes on. The first one is from Cryptic Sea, home of Alex Austin and Edmund McMillen, the creators of Gish. Now, I was already VERY excited about Gish 2. (From what I’ve heard, it’s going to be Gish, but bigger, better, yadda yadda.) But after seeing this teaser image, well… I’m at “pee pee pants” level of excitement. And that’s a very high level.

I really loved Edmund’s previous work, but it’s obvious that he’s getting better and better! He’s a hilarious dude, too, and incredibly genuine. I wish the best for him.

meta fight

Which brings me to Niklas Jansson, the artist for Cortex Command. He’s a talented technical artist, to be sure, but what I love about Niklas is his broad understanding of game design. Whereas any artist can take an old design and “modernize” it by making it dark, overwrought, and angry (cough Bomberman: Act Zero cough), Niklas stays true to the original essence of the old school. If only the games that he designed made it beyond the conceptual stage!

In his new blog, which supplements his portfolio site, Niklas shares his artwork and his thoughts on games, old and new. It’s fascinating stuff, so check it out!

  • Nikica

    A post about my two favorite artists, yay, you’r the best Derek (actually they are) !!!

  • Dan MacDonald

    Any post about artists that doesn’t include Dan Paladin is suspect! :D

  • PHeMoX

    Yeah, a new background image for my desktop!! Awesome art there. :)

    Say, do you guys think the Gish2 creator would approve when/if I’m going to put this image on a t-shirt??

  • Blueberry_pie

    Why not ask him? You can find his e-mail address on his personal website, Coldstorage Designs. He’s a pretty nice guy!

  • PHeMoX

    Thanks for the link, email is underway! :)

  • Edmund

    Hey phemox, im totally down with you putting any of my art on a shirt if its for your own personal use.

    but if you wanted to be extra cool, you could make 2 shirts and send me one!

    e-mail me ([email protected]) and ill send you the high rez art for the print.

  • Devin

    Oh my god! How is that guy drawing Blaster Master stuff?! How could he just draw my favorite game? That sucker needs a real SNES-style sequel.

  • PHeMoX

    Awesome! Another email send… :)

  • Guesst

    I ran into Niklas Jansson because of his work on Star Control related work which I can never seem to find when I’m looking for it. Anyways, it’s awesome.