B-Game Competition: One Week Remaining!

By: Derek Yu

On: September 7th, 2007

hick a billy bride

A quick reminder: one week left in the B-Game Competition! Competitors, it’s time to start wrapping up your entries. And if you’ve wanted to enter but haven’t yet, NOW IS THE TIME! Get the lead out, people!

I’m hoping to see some dark horse entries pop up in the last few moments. The excitement is mounting!

(The screencap is from can-o-spam’s eagerly awaited entry, Hickbilly Bride!)

Hit the jump for all the new entries since a week ago:

GUNLIMB – Radnom

Omar Sharif’s Egyptian Escapades – Oddbob

Weißer Punkt in der Schwarzlücke – Movius


  • http://ithamore.blogspot.com/ ithamore

    Jonathan Blow wrote on his Braid blog that he was going to enter (http://braid-game.com/news/?p=98), but I haven’t seen him mention anything over here (unless he has entered under an alias).

  • http://gnomeslair.blogspot.com/ gnome

    Meh… not enough time. Only a week and I haven’t even bought my copy of C++ for Idiots. Damn.

  • gustav

    ithamore, he’s just gonna submit Braid. *runs and hides*

  • MedO

    No promises, but I’ve had a stupid enough idea two days ago, and intend to start (and also finish to some degree) the game this weekend. The working title for now is “Rover Race”, and it would be my first publicly released game ever. Add that to the short time left, and I think I have a chance to create something really bad ;)

    Or maybe I’ll be doing “Lord Nuke Forever”… I’m working on it, really, here’s a screenshot to prove it: .


  • Alan Gordon

    I am in a team for this contest!

  • Radix

    I might whip up some shit about bears in speedboats. So long as I can come up with a concept I can make in one night, otherwise I have too few times.