Shadow Monsters

By: Xander

On: September 8th, 2007

shadow monsters

Kotaku have an awesome piece of footage up at the moment from GC07 which was really quite impossible to pass up posting here too. Not strictly an Indie Game, but then not exactly a game at all.

Phillip Worthington’s Shadow Monsters is essentially the greatest peripheral in the world. You simply make shadow puppets in front of a projector, and then the projector itself adds sound effects and animations to your actions. Something that in writing sounds a little underwhelming, but in action is so ridiculously cool I may actually quit my efforts for a film degree and become an official Phillip Worthington Stalker here and now. It’s pretty damn amazing, and with all the Wii’s efforts to innovate with a remote control so well chronicled, it’s pretty unbelievable that this is the first time I’ve actually heard of this. Impressive stuff.

(Thanks Kotaku for your continued greatness! Also the video is their own footage so it really didn’t feel right to just embed it here. Also I have no idea how to do that. So I guess you have one more click to make, but it’s probably the greatest click you’ve ever cluck. For True.)

  • gnome

    Beautiful. Besides, the possibilities are indeed endless. Three cheers for Kotaku!

  • Stwelin

    Interesting concept, looks boring though. Is it just a toy, or do they fight and destroy cities and shit?

  • OrR

    This was great fun! (Despite being “just a toy”.) I really enjoyed playing it. Was probably one of the best things at GC07… :-/ (The only other good ones were the Mafia 2 announcement and the collections of old consoles including a playable Vectrex. <3 )

  • Mazapán

    Long live processing!

  • Anthony Flack

    Everyone’s going ape over the “possibilities” of this, and immediately leaping straight into the realm of fantasy.

    It’s pretty neat, for sure, but it’s also very chaotic and unstable. As soon as you tried to make the leap from “neat toy” to “imagine if you could create your own monsters and have them fight each other OMG better than all next-gen consoles combined” things will all go to pieces very quickly.

    BUT! Fun effect; I like it.