Grow Island

By: Derek Yu

On: September 19th, 2007

grow island

Created to introduce prospective students to the curriculum of Shibaura Institute of Technology, Grow Island is another fantastic addition to Eyezmaze’s Grow series of games. Um, wow, yeah – sign me up for the class where I pave a railroad in a giant robot!

As usual, a walkthrough is provided by the readers of Jay is Games!

  • ithamore

    I’m always happy to play a new Grow game. The alternative ending was nice.

    Also, there were some new additions to Eyezmaze since I last visited, which was a wonderful surprise. Dwarf Complete is going to take a while to figure out.

  • Stwelin

    screw your robot, i want to know more about the truck-sized bunsen burner!

  • FireSword

    Grow series is flash games at its best :)

    Yatta! XD

  • CodeKitchen

    Grow games are great, and I really liked this one — the correct sequence was a bit more logical than the other Grow games. I got 100% on my fourth try, instead of getting frustrated and looking at the walkthrough like I usually do for Grow games.

  • Karzon

    I agree with this one being much more logical and that’s a step forward. Seems when I looked at the wallkthrough, it turns out I’d gotten it 90% right in just a few tries. That alternate ending though, is as completely random as you can get in more ways than one (though intentionally, as a sort of easter egg).

  • Joseph

    I like how aliens have to come and save our sorry asses after we destroy the environment.