Updated Everyday Shooter Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 19th, 2007

Fall 2007, baby! That’s pretty soon.

  • Hunty

    PSN?? Oh boy! A whole five people will play it, and four of them will say “WTF? This isn’t Madden!”

    Wake me when it comes to PC or 360.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Jon told me you would say that.

  • Peach

    I really hope this comes to different platforms, because it looks like ten kinds of nifty. Stupid capitalism.

  • Melly

    Capitalism has its good aspects.

    Though I too want this on the PC NOW. Too sexy.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    Hmm. I love shooters. I love “abstract” games. But somehow this doesn’t do it for me. Maybe I’m just a sucker for maximalist games. Can’t wait for Ikauga and Rez to hit Xbox Live.

  • Noyb

    Too bad it’s coming out for the inherently limited market of PS3 owners. Why is it that the most appealing games for the PS3 (barring MGS4) are PSN games? I really want to play this and echochrome. Pity.

  • Adam Atomic

    *assumes faux-hipster posture*

    Ikaruga is a minimalist shooter, little man. An example of a maximalist shooter would be its prequel, Radiant Silvergun, or the seminal Donpachi series.

    *returns to normal*

  • Derek

    I heard on Kotaku that there are talks of a multi-game deal with Jon on PS3, much like with Jenova Chen…

  • Rz.

    there needs to be a post about the seven minute Aquaria trailer… ;x

  • gustav

    Can someone please tell me what’s special about this game? No matter how i look at it, it still looks like your everyday shooter to me (awesome pun intended). Is it just hyped up so much or am i missing something? I NEED TO KNOW!

    Rz., agreed, now there’s something sexy for everyone to look forward to.

  • Optrirominiluikus

    Ok yeah, I guess both Ikaruga and Rez are minimalist shooters, but I wasn’t really referring to the mechanics but the graphics etc. You know, they actually bothered to make ships and characters for those games. In this game you play a… ball.

  • Shawn

    It’s a dot actually. And it’s a lot more interesting than a static ship. It displays a tonne of information including: points, points to next life, lives and more, (can’t remember what else).

    It also animates directly with your action: moving, shooting, picking up points. The animations are procedural and non-static, therefore you never see the same thing twice.

    I think the dot is a lot more interesting than the ships in ikaruga, rsgun or any other shooter you can think of.

  • Anthony Flack

    What I like about it is that it has music that sounds like John Frusciante’s early solo albums.

    That is a good thing.