By: Derek Yu

On: September 20th, 2007


As reported by Tim, thatgamecompany‘s latest project for PS3 was revealed today during Sony’s keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show. The game is called FlOwer, and, true to form, it looks quite evocative, although little is known about how it actually plays. You can view the trailer, along with the other PS3 trailers, here.

The rumor now is that their third title for Sony will be titled deFlOwered… and by playing the game you will experience the emotion of losing your virginity.

That was a terrible joke, I apologize. :’(

Update: YouTube version in the extended.

  • Xander

    deFlOwered is just asking for a collaboration between Jenova Chen and Jazzuo isn’t it?

    You’ll experience the emotion of losing your virginity. But which one?!

  • http://www.cursesfoiled.co.uk BenH

    That joke deflowered me!

  • Ryan Fox

    That trailer was really lame.

  • Adam Atomic

    Just a warning to anyone who thinks that this trailer actually shows anything, here is how it breaks down:

    0:00 to 0:20 – Credits
    0:20 to 0:40 – Grass waving
    0:40 to 0:50 – Darker grass waving
    0:50 to 0:60 – A flower slowly blooms

    That’s it. That’s the whole video.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Somewhere, Jenova Chen is weeping.

  • Melly

    My comment wasn’t shown for some reason. :(

    Anyway, I like the idea of thatgamecompany trying to create unique game experiences for the PSN still. Not sure if that’s the best platform for that kinda stuff, but I commend the effort.

    Also, considering this is the game’s first teaser, I doubt there is much that could have been shown other than this.

  • Shih Tzu

    How dare they release a pretty movie about a flower. For a game called Flower.

  • http://www.cursesfoiled.co.uk BenH

    I bet that flower is the last boss

  • Jonathan Blow

    Using real-time weapon switching, you must hit the flower’s weak spot for massive damage.

  • Mmhmm

    This game is based on ancient Japenese history.

  • retroo

    its knytt 3d

  • Melly

    You will control an army of bees in a highly advanced real time strategy environment and aim for total flower field domination.

  • Shih Tzu

    Melly: That would actually rock.

  • jonathan mak

    i dunno, i thought it was great! i think it was more about mood and atmosphere than anything else.

  • Jenova Chen


  • http://internetography.freeforums.org Zeno

    This game is the prime example of people making the stupid mistake of graphics over gameplay.

  • http://www.kokoromi.org fish

    look what you’ve done, internet.

    i thought it was lovely, and its keeping me guessing. cant wait to see more.

    i hope it wont hurt my 2 next games; plOw and plOwer.

  • Neon

    i’m a microsoft fanboy yet i think that game looks fucking beautiful.

  • PHeMoX

    *You will control an army of bees in a highly advanced real time strategy environment and aim for total flower field domination.*

    I definitely liked the ‘Empire of the Ants’ game, and an ‘Empire of the Bees’-game would be brilliant!

  • thy

    i think the game play was hinted at at the end. “Flow” pause… “er” = Flower. So I’m thinking the game play will be something along the lines of Flow.

  • gustav

    Every strand of grass is a candidate for a new flower? And those little orbs of light. Pollen? This looks very pretty.. I really want to know what the gameplay will be like.

  • Shawn

    “Using real-time weapon switching, you must hit the flower’s weak spot for massive damage.”

    You also have to control 20k flowers and you can zoom in and out to issue over a hojillion commands real time to strategically blow up hordes of them.

  • crackers

    Will there be an option to salt the earth so that the flowers die and the land becomes barren?

  • tamat

    it is a copy of Spore, you start as a flower and you have to evolve and become a tree.

  • Shawn

    It’s a copy of Spore and Geometry Wars actually.

  • Shoji

    I like the change of pace that the game looks to provide, much like its predecessor, flOw. It has simple game play, and is just entertaining if you can step away from the violent trend games tend to have. I think the quality that’s put into its creation is what captivates me the most.

  • Jong

    More information on this game, the creators, and play the game that started it all: http://intihuatani.usc.edu/cloud/flowing/

  • Anthony Flack

    It sure looks purdy, but I can’t say I hold much hope that it will be anything more than overly simplistic tedium hiding under a veneer of beauty and pretentiousness. Particularly since I’ve already played Cloud and seen Flow in action.

    Man, that sounds mean-spirited! But, well… let’s say I applaud their efforts to make beautiful and stylish interactive experiences (or whatever it is you call games that aren’t fun), but I’ll remain skeptical until I see evidence that these guys can successfully combine their Media College design sensibilities with game mechanics that actually work.


  • ZombiePixel

    I suspect this game will be a lot like Flow – 30 seconds of beauty, followed by five minutes of “okay, something HAPPEN already!”, followed by shutting the game off and booting up something, you know, FUN.

    I think they’re on the wrong platform. This looks like something Wii owners would flip over.

  • http://intuitiongames.blogspot.com torncanvas

    It certainly looks great, but yeah we’ll have to wait to see what the gameplay is like.

    To those commenting about TGC on the PSN platform:

    As noted in their GDC talk this year, thatgamecompany pitched themselves to the major console companies. Only Sony was willing to provide the resources they needed to start their company: namely, funding and an incubation-style development environment.

    It’s a pity the PS3 isn’t a better platform, because from what I can tell, the middle management – particularly those who are making decisions with the PSN – seem to be pretty great people with good taste to boot. Think about it; they’ve picked up what became Media Molecule, thatgamecompany, and lately Jonathan Mak.

    Also, I thought flOw was fun. It wasn’t white-knuckle, sweaty, trying-to-squeeze through-the-stream-of-bullets fun. It was more zen-like, getting-a-massage fun – relaxation over intensity.