By: Derek Yu

On: September 22nd, 2007


I really like games that have a simple theme and stick to making me feel like I’m really doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Nikujin makes me feel like a ninja, Death Worm makes me feel like a great big ol’ sandworm, Star Wars Episode VII makes me feel like a Jedi…

And Jugglin’ makes me feel like I’m jugglin’, yo! Not only that, but it lets you create your own tricks (e.g. “Holy Shit I am Good,” my amazing 13-ball trick, shown on your left!). And the loose, no-pressure structure makes the game frustration-free. Which is one aspect that is definitely not like real juggling.

I’m always surprised by how independent developers are able to get at the essence behind an idea and really distill what’s fun about it!

(Jim McGinley, the creator of Jugglin’, also entered the awesome “Mario Inna Space” into our B-Game Competition. He also happens to possess the uncommon mind which is behind the hilarious “”http://www.bigpants.ca/index.htm">Mister Happy Bigpants" comics.)

  • Tim

    I remember playing this game some time back –


  • MisterX

    Even though I wasn’t able to like the mentioned Star Wars Episode VII (Though love Death Worm and Nikujin!) Juggling sounds pretty interesting.

    Now if just I could play it, sadly all I get upon starting the game is the “Runtime error ’13′”. And yes, I got the “VB6 sp5” installed :/

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    WOW!!! Thanks for trying Jugglin’!!!! I spent a long time perfecting the controls to make it feel like you were really Jugglin’. It’s great to hear that it’s working! Ironically, I accidentally captured the learning cliff between 2 and 3 balls that real life Jugglin’ has. i.e. Anyone can juggle 2 balls, but 3 is when real juggling begins.

    The game menus need some work. If you click the Tricks button, you can pick from 4 different jugglers, and select a trick to attempt. As you discovered, you can also make your own tricks. If you repeat a pattern (any pattern) 3 times, you’ve created a trick. Jugglin’ balls in a loop is a great start, now try Jugglin’ 1 ball clockwise while Jugglin’ another ball counterclockwise. It’s only 2 balls, but it will blow your mind. That’s what Jugglin’ is really about.

    The game will record all successful tricks you complete, as well as any tricks you create. You can play them back later to see how great you are. i.e. “hole shit I am good” has been recorded

    I am still actively working on Jugglin’. The core gameplay and graphics will remain intact, but the focus will be on uploading/downloading tricks you’ve created to a website. Ideally, an entire community will develop that creates tricks for others to try.

    Wish me luck, and thanks for the post.

    p.s. Deathworm makes you feel like a sandworm. Jugglin’ makes you feel like a Juggler. Noodle makes you feel like a noodle. I think your readers will like it (YouTube video included).

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Hahaha, noodle. Friggin’ awesome.

    Mario Inna Space is an instant classic, btw.

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    MisterX – if you could e-mail me “[email protected]” with your Windows OS information, I would really appreciate it. I suspect you’re on Windows Vista, and the demo was completed before Vista existed. Thanks.

  • MisterX

    Actually I’m using Windows XP SP2, but I’ll mail you that :D

  • http://isadorblog.blogspot.com Isador21

    OMG this game must be from hell, I just spent an hour playing it and I was supposed to go to bed …

  • Gr.Viper

    Gr-r-r-r-r-reat stuff!!!

  • -B-

    Same problem that MisterX had:

    Run-time error ’13’:

    type mismatch

  • phil70

    Same for me:

    Now if just I could play it, sadly all I get upon starting the game is the “Runtime error ‘13’”. And yes, I got the “VB6 sp5” installed :/

    I’m on XP SP2 and yes, I got the “VB6 sp5” installed

  • http://www.jeuxgratuits.net phil70

    I would to test the game!

  • -B-

    Oh, and XP SP2 here too.

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    B & Phil70 – I would like to get this error fixed, so if could you do me a favour I would appreciate it.
    1. Can you run Mario Inna Space – it’s the same basic technology.
    2. There are 2 Jugglin’ .exes. 1 with sound, 1 without. Can you run either one?
    If you could e-mail me directly ([email protected]) I would really appreciate it. I still haven’t solved the problem with MisterX, but I think I am getting close. The game does work under Windows XP sp2 (that’s what I use), so it’s a bit of a puzzler. I’m planning on creating a custom build of juggling to solve this. You three are my guineau pigs and I sincerely appreciate the help.

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    I have created a custom build that hopefully solves this problem. If you’re having problems, please try this version:

    If you’re still having problems, I would really appreciate it if you would contact me so I can resolve this:
    [email protected]

    When I’m ready for the “real” release, I would hate for people to experience any errors.


  • Tim

    lol I remember jugglin’ from igf.

  • Derek

    Jim, post the game in the “Feedback” section on the TIGForums!

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    Ahhhh… the IGF.
    We have a history!

    I submitted an old version of Jugglin’ to IGF 2004. I failed to qualify, and at that time no feedback was provided.

    I significantly improved the game (very similar to the version available for download) and resubmitted to IGF 2006. I failed to qualify, but got some awesome feedback.
    “Fart sounds are not funny.”
    “I repeat – Fart sounds are not funny.”
    “You should never call a player a moron.” (this happens when you don’t fill out your name).

    In 2006, I also entered the game competition at the FuturePlay conference.
    I had a great time and managed to snag the “People’s Choice” award.
    That convinced me that the game was worth finishing.

    After that, I worked overtime everyday for ~12 months. When my normal work week returns (hopefully soon), I’ll be finishing the funniest videogame you’ll ever play (next to those awesome B-Games, of course).

  • jon

    Jim McGinley:
    I tried you special build, but I got the same error as usual (the runtime error 13 one). Tried both of the .exe files.

  • http://www.bigpants.ca Jim McGinley

    The special build… SHE HAS FAILED ME!!!! It’s time for super special build #169 (SUPER SPECIAL BUILD #169!!!!) – give me a few days to put it together.

    I’ve created a thread in the Feedback forums. We’ll continue the battle there. “Jugglin’ – finish the install fight.”