Goldeneye 2D

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: September 25th, 2007

I was a lot better at the original!

Here’s something pretty cool. You know how big game companies are always taking classic games and remaking them to next-gen spec (with sometimes dubious results)? Well… what if, instead, they took a time machine back to the Good Ol’ Days and remade popular game concepts from now? That’s right, folks — I’m talkin’ about demakes!*

Goldeneye 2D is just that. A demake of the N64 classic FPS Goldeneye 64, made like a tie-in game for original Game Boy. Now, the gameplay isn’t quite the gadgets and espionage of the original (it’s more of a run-n-gun now), but that’s part of the fun, I think! Remakes today often aren’t 100% true to their sources, so why should demakes be? I’d really love to see several developers demake the same game to wildly different ends…

This all inspired the current Mockup Frenzy at Pixelation, as well. Check it out!+

Goldeneye 2D:
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*Credit goes to Phil Fish for coining this term.
+QuickSilva’s Cave Story entry was a fun surprise!

  • Golds

    Hmm… perhaps a mini demake compo of an old title?

  • JW

    Haha that was what I was wanting to post. A new compo! DEMAKES

  • Radnom

    Haha, sounds great. Small problem: the B-Games one isn’t even over yet :D

  • Golds

    we obviously need another competition to tide us over while the other one is finishing

  • Prio

    *grunts* DoomRL

  • Adam Atomic

    Still 4 days left for the demake mockups! Bring your mad pixel art skills and show us your sweet retro moves :D

    Also, as I said in Grindie’s thread, great job! It’s simple and hard, but these decisions come through as just that, conscious decisions, not crutches or sloppiness. Fun art and music, all around great little indie game. I look forward to your next game!

  • fish

    demake competition would be *great*.
    i would defenitly try to find time for that.

    BUT, i can imagine some cease N’ desist being sent our way from some of the less friendly companies out there.

    we’ve all seen it happen with fan projects before. that starcraft FPS, the halo RTS, the gears of war dating sim.

  • Derek

    If we hold a demakes compo, then the rules might have to stipulate that the name of the game you’re de-making cannot be anywhere on the game.

    Which would make it more fun because we’d get to come up with clever parody names.



    Screws of War…

    Maybe it could not only be a demake competition, but a Chinese bootleg demake competition? ^___^

  • ManHugger

    For recursion’s sake, someone should de-make one of the b-game entries.

  • fish

    that would certainly work too.
    and i agree that i would somehow add a bit of fun. how obvious can you make it without making it too obvious?

  • Benzido

    I’d enter a demake competition!

  • Adam Atomic

    Funny you bring that up Fish, I was the infantry modeler for the free, indie halo RTS that was canned approx. 2 weeks before Ensemble’s Halo Wars was announced!

  • Monsieur LeBoeuf

    My beefish jowls waggle with impetuous consternation!

    Why must I repeat the level upon failing at the 90% point? I worked hard, died at the hat guy, sorted that out. Worked hard, now Jaws (and anybody who watched Moonraker know swho cannot speak unless he is seducing hot Swedish ladies) ruins me! I don’t feel like 10 more minutes to get back there. Damn you 2D Jaws, I hope your precious Swede never joins you as a pixelated dork.

    I expect fully polished demos of my free software even if they are pre-release betas! No… ESPECIALLY if they are pre-release betas.

  • Hunty

    I missed out on the B-Game competition, but if you do a “demake” competition I’ll be ALL over that!

  • PHeMoX

    That Halo rts MOD had no chance anyways… did you guys really think you’d get away with making such a high quality MOD when Bungie had originally the idea of making an RTS instead of FPS?

    If only you guys made it less great :( ..

    As for a demakes compo, I’m all for it! Already have a good idea too! Bring it on!

  • Adam Atomic

    PHeMoX you can read my response to that here :P

  • PHeMoX

    Okey, fair enough I guess. :)

    Yeah, it ís mighty cool to work with a game-universe you totally dig. I’ve worked on some MODS in the past too (most of them were never finished), but we never showed our inspirations thát obvious. We never made a game into another, but yeah I can understand the drive behind it.

  • BMcC

    A demake compo has been previously considered…

    It would be awesome, but we’d surely have to find a way to prevent THE MAN from ruining our fun. (As usual.)

    @Adam: Believe it or not, I didn’t know you were involved in the Halo RTS project. Guess that would explain your Master Chief model, huh? ;)

  • Exoduster

    I dig the general idea and atmosphere of this game, but it’s simply too unforgiving. I get hit once, and my badass soviet rifle gets downgraded to a weak pistol, and then I get shot again, because I’m fighting 50 soldiers with a pistol. The fact that bosses can kill you in one hit doesn’t help either.

  • Jad one hundred years later


    Cogs of Battle!