Shoot ‘Em Ups: Video Preview Trifecta

By: Derek Yu

On: October 8th, 2007

Ablation X – The sequel to Ablation! Quote nenad:

This is not an actual level that’ll be in the game. I built it as a sort of a joke/teaser showing off the game concept. For that reason everything is cranked up a bit…
I had the idea for logo boss right from the start of the development. Since game’s visuals consist mostly of flat, hard vector shapes, the “typographic” enemy kind of came out naturally.
…All the white parts on enemies represent their reserve of bullets. With “bullet thief” you can sneak up on them and suck the ammo out. Bullets then stick to your ship (think Tumiki Fighters or Katamari) until you decide to fire them back at enemies in form of directed or radial blast.

Brave Karma Warriors – Originally made for the B-Game Compo, this delightfully weird shooter is due this Christmas thereabouts. Cactus strong like bull!

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer – Whoa, can you say “eye candy?” This shooter will be out for the PC and PS3 soon, I think. You can pre-order the game at Play Asia right now, though. Love the cheesy voiceovers!

But c’mon, only two umlauts in the title?

(Sources: Tim’s Blog, and The Random Gnome’s Lair)

  • Papamook

    Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer is amazing, the indie equivalent of Radiant Silvergun, click here for demo

  • Kairos

    From what I see, the particle effects tend to make enemy bullets blend in.

  • colorFool

    Hey, AblationX looks nice. I like the evil X with the buzz saw blade!

    Not much to say about Brave Karma Warriors from two screens, other than neat style and catchy music.

    And, well, Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer? I would have gone for Himmelsstörrmärr!
    But besides the saccharine eye-eyecandy there don’t seem to be much of innovative features really. I haven’t played it, but from the looks of the video it seems to be a pimped regular shooter. And you know what to expect when things are announced with “and much more!” in the end…

  • Golds

    The first Ablation]( pretty cool too. I think it’s competing in IGF this year…? It was originally created for the same competition as [A mini falafel adventure— which is also fairly awesome

  • DrDerekDoctors

    I think that Brave Karma Warriors has one of the loviest looks I’ve seen in a game since “Gesundheit!”. I just adore how the screens are drawing and the fleshy “plaps!” as the enemies explode. Really looking forward to it.

    Soldner-X, however… Lawks. Did nobody mention to them that the player should be able to tell the difference between the foreground and background? Plus the enemies don’t appear to have even an ounce of inventiveness about them.

  • gnome

    It’s the shoot-’em-up rennaisance, it is… Happy days.

  • Stij

    Brave Karma Warriors is shaping up pretty good, I love the music. If anyone can make bizzare shooters it’s Cactus.

  • Mischief Maker

    Am I the only one who saw that Soldner demo and was reminded of Jets’N Guns?

  • Advenith

    Oh, wow. Soldner-X is the next thing I’m getting. After Bioshock, that is. (At this point I will be eaten alive for buying a mainstream game first.)

  • krizzl0r

    achtung achtung, feindliche jäger im anflug!
    c’mon, show me whatcha got.