Capstar II

By: Derek Yu

On: October 19th, 2007

Capstar II

Capstar II is a new browser-based game from NIGORO, the Japanese developer behind La Mulana and Rose and Camellia. In the game you control a cute lil’ space pod piloted by none other than “The Invincible Randy.” Unfortunately, your pod’s not so invincible, so as you go through each of the 16 stages, you’ll have to avoid banging into walls, or getting blown up by various traps.

The game controls much like Sub-Terrania (Sega Genesis) or Solar Jetman (NES), with the hitch being that gravity can pull on you from any of the cardinal directions. An entertaining and challenging game, as you would expect from this developer. The later levels are especially nasty.

Comes with online time rankings and 5 difficulty levels.

(Source: Tim)

  • Paulie Mindless

    Oh, upside-down gravity levels screw my brain.

  • Radnom

    La Mulana and the slapping one were decent, but come on… that truck driving off one was terrible, and this game does nothing new. Just because someone makes some great games doesn’t mean everything they crap out is pure gold (Kenta Cho excluded, of course).

  • Radnom

    That said, it’s not a bad game, but there are probably other games more worthy of front-page attention ;)

  • Derek

    Ha! But can I beat them in 15 minutes… that’s the question.

    Ain’t got the time, broham. ;)

    Plus the truck one was just soooooo cute. :3

  • Radnom

    Good point :P

  • colorFool

    Yeah, I also thought the bitchslappin’ was pretty fun. This one is a bit boring though. Nice graphics and catchy tune, but it couldn’t really keep me motivated to get the hang of the controls – I think I quit at the first docking mission…