TIGS Game Night (!!!)

By: Lorne Whiting

On: October 26th, 2007

Saturday is Game Night.

Game night is fun!


Join us in IRC, on Saturday (Tomorrow, or today, depending on where you live), for game night fun.

We will be playing JSWO(pictured), Starcraft, and Tribes. The last of which requires a lot of people, so DOWNLOAD IT tonight and PLAY TOMORROW!

TIGS Game Night 2 (1 was a semi-failure) begins in about 18-22 hours.

  • Radix

    Need some actual specifics in terms of rough time/date here. The world is a sphere and I don’t know whether to trust Tigsource when it tells me you posted X hours ago.

  • Zeno

    I plan on being there, playing Tribes probably.

  • Lorne Whiting

    Umm, like, it will start at 2200GMT at the latest, which is 2PM PST.

  • Stwelin

    fucking awesome! i will own you all at tribes. it’s the only fps i play. ;)

  • Stwelin

    oh wait… 2PM PST = 5PM EST… i get off work at 7PM. well that’s a downer. hope someone will still be around.

  • skaldicpoet9

    Yes! I will definitely be there again :) Tribes ftw!

  • Radix

    I will definitely try and figure out what that is in local time when I get home from work.
    Don’t think I have a Tribes disc anywhere around here though.

  • Lorne Whiting

    Radix: Starsiege: Tribes is freeware now.
    Click the link in the OP

  • Kairos

    Don’t you need a FilePlanet subscription? In any case, there are plenty of other mirrors out there.

  • Lorne Whiting

    You only need a free account, but yes, plenty of mirrors.

  • http://ithamore.blogspot.com/ ithamore
  • Nikica

    Toribash 3.0 released and is free !!!

  • Paracetamol

    Ah merde, posted this accidentally in the unicorn comment. My IP will hopefully not yet have been excluded:

    So for Europe: 22:00 for the guys in Britain (and … Portugese?) and
    23:00 for the Germans, French and Scandinavians. And Polish, Italians, ..


  • Radix

    Yeah, I remembered Tribes is free right after I posted that.

    Daylight Savings starts or ends or inverts or something tonight. Clocks are hard. Fucking ancient egypt.

  • Xander

    Dang it! I’m back home staying with family for the weekend so no game night for me. I’ll be back next week for anything though, especially Jet Set Willy! It’s hard. It’s hardcore.

  • Ben

    Hmmm, can’t download Tribes from Fileplanet… no Internet Explorer here.

  • MedO

    I’m using firefox and had no problems, except that you get a warning you have to click through.

    Never played JSWO or Tribes yet, and I’m quite mediocre at Starcraft… so tonight will be great!

  • Radix

    Hating Fileplanet, I just got it from download.com instead.


  • -b-
  • underwhelmed

    Sweet sweet Tribes. god I miss that game, too bad I’m busy tonight.

  • Akhel

    Holy crap, Tribes seems to be hard. Anyway, I’ll try to join :)

  • King o’ the W’s

    Why does an indie game night have 2 commercial games and a remake to play? Wouldn’t it be more in the indie spirit to play things like Defcon, Savage, and Sauerbraten?

  • M2tias

    Yeah, that’s really weird. I think more people would join if you would play indie games. I would love to join but my connection isn’t enough for Tribes :(

  • M2tias

    Oh, btw, a bit off-topic but did you notice that Tim (indygamer.blogspot.com) is planning to sell his site…

  • Kairos

    @King o’ the W’s: Because those 2 games happen to be insanely fun? Starcraft is like the epitome of RTS games because of the story, balance and gameplay. The game is a real gem. It’s what the games industry should be churning out in terms of fun – people are still playing it 9 years from the initial release (Progamers in Korea).

    Dunno about Tribes though. I just downloaded it, and I’m trying out the tutorial atm.

  • Nizzate

    Im ready for another game of tribes…maybe ill have a challenge this time ;) I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing commercial games, there are some decent commercial games and this is one of them. We should get a big game of savage going next time.

  • Melly

    I would like to go for Starcraft, but I’m shitte at it, and my copy has issues with online play.

    I think I’ll try JSWO, though. Looks like masochistic fun.

    And like I said, no Tribes for me. Ping and FPS’s don’t go along.

  • Zmann

    People better jump on this JSWO. It looks like fun. Impossible old-school fun.

  • Skaldicpoet9

    So are we starting this sometime in the afternoon or later on tonight?

  • Zmann

    “Umm, like, it will start at 2200GMT at the latest.”

    So depends where you are. It’s like 5:00 EST and 2:00 PST.

  • Binky

    That would be 4:00 CST.(Central Standard Time, for those that don’t know…)

  • b ooobooo

    What is the IRC server and channel name?

  • Xander

    To get to the TIG IRC channel, just click the IRC link at the right of any of the main pages, just below ‘Forums’ and ‘Features’.

  • Nillo

    w00t. JSWO was really fun. I’m gonna make my own sprite for it.

    More Game Nights!

  • Zmann

    Holy crap, we totally need to do more game nights. JSWO is a blast, and I had a good time playing Wesnoth too.

    TIGSource rocks!