Toribash 3, and Free!

By: Derek Yu

On: October 29th, 2007

Toribash 3.0 has been released to much fanfare. So much that the site and forums have been down for much of this week. (But now they’re back up.)

There are many major additions to this version of the game including shaders, environments, and the possibility of 2-on-1 or 2-on-2 matches. And best of all, the game is absolutely free to play once again! Yay, alternative business strategies!

  • raelz

    Wow amazing :P
    Can’t wait to play it (although I have to)

  • Benzido

    Fantastic! I gave this up when it went to a paid model. But it is awesome.

  • haowan

    I don’t understand the alternative business strategy. Can someone explain?

  • Derek

    Toribash has its own currency, called Toricredits, which you can spend on things for your character in the game. You can pay real money for it, or, now, it looks as though they have a deal going on with Cherry Credits where you can buy a scratch card to earn some Toricredits.

  • Verz

    Wow. Totally ripped us veterans off.

  • Dominic White

    Verz – the same could be said of any game that goes down in price over time. As in almost all of them.

    If I buy a game for $50, then see it for $5 in a bargain bin a year later, I can’t ask for a $45 refund. Live with it.

  • haowan

    Thanks Derek.

  • raelz

    I got some stupid shell32.dll and user32.dll error when trying to run this. The windows help centre didn’t help either :(

  • basara

    The trailer has style :[]

  • Gr.Viper

    Blood, blood! Blood everywhere! Love it!
    The set of mods and replays is really cool. Script making opponent a bit alive in single player is fun too.

  • Stij

    Well there goes my free time for the next week or so. :D

    Can’t get the shaders to work on my crappy computer, however…

  • MisterX

    All I can say is a capital “Yay” in its most pure and clear form – Yay!
    I only played the first few version for a while and I never got to be actually doing something really cool on purpose, but it was worth the experimenting with the unique and awesome movement/fighting system alone. Now if just I’ll be able to get a friend to play this with me again… :)

  • Skaldicpoet9

    I’ve been meaning to check Toribash out…all the more reason now :)

  • Tanner

    This is freat even just for the jousting.

  • Hawkinz

    website is going on and off, here are some mirrors:

    Windows Version
    OSX Version

  • hello

    Speaking of good free games, the new version of dwarf Fortress JUST came out.

    Feel free to delete this post I just don’t have a forum account… yet,

  • mots

    a couple of cool game modes added to version 2.0… but this alternative business strategy à la Korean mmorpg is a little stupid.

    cool, green blood.. for $20 , or some insane price. there better be a way to bet on matches.

  • Dominic White

    mots – it’s basically a donation system. If you like the game, donate money to the developers (who ARE giving it to you for free), and you get a little in-game detail to differentiate yourself from other players in return.

    It’s not like you can buy ways to win easier.

  • Budster

    For thos of who who havn’t tried it: This game is awesome. Hope your video card can run shaders. :D

  • colorFool

    Sounds heavily like a lazy gaming day for me! W00t!