Shit shit shame night game night

By: Lorne Whiting

On: November 2nd, 2007

Tomorrow is game night again! I am not prepared.


Pictured above.

Not prepared at all.

I certainly hope you’re more prepared.

We’re gonna be playing:

Gusanos (with 1.01b of Promode, I guess), Soldat, and for the folks who don’k like action, Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (I would make a joke using the word actionsexual, but that implies the exact opposite of what I want)!

OpenTTD requires some files which cannot be distributed with the game due to questionable legality, but worry not, tomorrow I’ll find a way to get it to the people in IRC.


(Pictured is Gusanos Turner mod, which introduces new shader technology to the game. No public release yet!)

  • Stwelin

    That’s great and all, but I have to work… again.

    What time are you starting?

  • Lorne Whiting.

    Tomorra. I’d say 20 hours from when it SAYS the post was made. ’bout 1800GMT, yeh?

    But last game night ended at like 10PM PST, though, so it goes on for a DAMN long time.

  • Stwelin

    true that. last time I got off from work at 7pm (EST) and still saw some people hanging about. I work until 10pm tomorrow, hopefully someone will be around. ;)

  • Golds

    Power Abusage!?

  • Xander

    Annoyingly not being bonfire night for another two days, the city of Winchester decided to have theirs tonight, because they’re more important than an historical event. I might be able to catch some of it though!

  • Gurrah

    Isn’t that a screenshot from the Lugaru2 development-blog?

    Just checked, yes it is.

  • Nillo

    The requested URL /public_html/gusanos/promodev101.rar was not found on this server.

  • BMcC

    Another well thought out post by Lorne.

    I… might be around? Probably will be.

    One love!

  • basara

    ooh! Gusanos :[]
    To help make things easy I made a zip containing both gusanos and promode already installed:

  • rndll

    Seems the links on the promode page are outdated.

  • krizzl0r

    thx rndll

  • Binky

    I checked at about 5:00 CST last Saturday, and I didn’t find any games.(At least, I didn’t know what to look for.)
    Is there a specific server or something?

  • Zmann

    Binky: Check out the IRC.

  • jade_ad

    where did you play Soldat?:)

  • David

    Why is a screenshot from my game engine included with this article? I am confused.