Game Giveaway of the Day: Shellblast

By: Derek Yu

On: November 20th, 2007

ShellBlast, the sequel to Ac!dbomb, is today’s Game Giveaway of the Day! To call this puzzle game an advanced version of Minesweeper seems like a disservice, but then again, it doesn’t seem entirely inaccurate. It’s fun, in any case, and my only real complaint with the game thus far is that completing missions feels anticlimactic. But hey, I guess that’s kind of the nature of bomb diffusal, right?

The full version of ShellBlast is ordinarily a measly $5, so if you really enjoy the game, you should shell out some cash for it (wink)!

Note: so in order to qualify for the giveaway, you must actually install the game before the time ends. Simply downloading the installer is not enough.

(Thanks, frodo091!)

  • jade_ad

    can i get a track somewhere?)

  • frodo091

    I was JUST thinking about downloading the demo when I saw it gon GGAOTD.

  • !CE-9

    soundtrack is from MDK2, right?

  • Derek

    Oops, sorry, frodo091! I got the info from you but forgot to credit you. Fixed. :)

  • Adam Atomic

    I like this game quite a bit, nice mechanic and good level of polish. While I can see the comparison to mine sweeper a little, to me it plays almost more like Sudoku with a time limit and rock music. Clean look, good sounds, good difficulty curve, all around very pleasant (and sometimes intense) experience!

  • Jared

    So I install and then what.. click “Unlock Full Version?”

    That then takes me to the website where I can purchase.

    Maybe I’m too late?

  • Melly

    I like how it has ‘boss bombs’.

  • moi

    Shit, I usually check GGOTD website everyday, and the only time I forget to check is when they offer a game that is not a waste of time :(

  • Shinji16

    @!CE-9 : For the demo video posted here that is indeed MDK 2.

    @ moi : I’m surprised this showed up there. Usually GGOTD is shit ass clones and genuine attempts that don’t quite make it, and so I suffer the same fate as you. Besides, I’d rather pay for this; it’s worth money.

  • Shinji16


    Level 7 in Boston. Look at it closely…

    Remember the Aqua Teen advertising gone wrong?