New The Underside Vid

By: Derek Yu

On: November 21st, 2007

Pixel called…

…he wants his Arrested Development DVDs back. Seriously, you said you were going to return them a month ago!

(Source: Tim!)

  • v-rus

    it looks a lot like cavestory, except for this new gameplay system cajiger (the one where you fly around the place in explosions)
    a pretty nice looking game
    oh yeah, and I think Pixel has a cave fetish

  • MattC
  • muse

    Sarcastabitching is so 2001, let it go.

  • JO

    Cave Story is immensely overrated, and it gets praised to no end due to the following 2 factors:
    1. It looks and sounds like a Snes game.
    2. It was made by a Japanese person.
    Seeing as how the internet is a massive, bottomless pit of blind nostalgia and japanophile idiocy it’s unsurprising that Cave Story would receive unending adoration from the drooling legions of people who break into spastic fits of titillation whenever they see anything containing kanji symbols and the pixilated visuals of something released on a Nintendo system from the late 80s or early 90s.

  • japan

    he said japan

  • Uglyhead

    is japan the new godwin or what

    cave story was a fun game

    the underside demo i played a while ago was fun too

    omg ripoffz

    gosh don’t folks love to yammer and complain about fun free games

  • haowan

    Yes! Finally someone who has seen the light! We should counter this rabid Japanophilia by hating everything that comes from Japan regardless of its quality!