By: Derek Yu

On: November 27th, 2007


When a trailer begins with the words “Awake now the sleepy artist / To an insane world of strife” and there is a vicious man cooing about finger painting in the background, you know it’s probably not going to be your average mod for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Introspect puts you in control of an insane artist named Gabriel. In the game, you’ll be exploring Gabriel’s demented psyche, a metaphorical world whose visual style is influenced by American McGee’s Alice. Despite the dark themes, the game is purportedly non-violent, and trades in the flak cannons and link guns of UT2004 for an artist’s palette, which you can use to manipulate your surroundings.

Unfortunately, I can’t play the mod, but for what is ostensibly an “arthouse” game, Introspect seems like it has some actual substance.

(Source: The Random Gnome’s Lair)

  • Nillo

    So… you’re recommending a mod you haven’t tried, for a game that definitely isn’t independent?

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s probably awesome. I just found this funny for some reason.

  • Derek

    The mod is independently made, and no, I’m not recommending it. I’m telling you I think the concept is intriguing!

  • Skyleak

    Wow what an unreal concept!

  • haowan

    needs more Derek penis

  • Melly

    No. Needs more TIGERSauce.

  • Cookie_Jar

    I’ve got UT2004, so I suppose I can post on whether it’s good or not.

  • Bob

    This is trippy. This is very trippy.

  • Neon

    I reinstalled UT2k4 for this so it better be good :P. %1 downloaded though, going slow.

  • Neon

    ARGHH something is corrupt incomplete and all that error jazz. I was looking forward to this. D:

  • Kenzya

    This looks like a PSX platformer.. Like a Gex or Croc.

  • princess312

    Come on, twisted corridors are out of date.

  • rndll

    Nah, Psychonauts are now free. Oh wait, I’ve already bought it and played it. Darn.

    Don’t have UT2k4 :/

  • Obscuritan

    downloading now, my UT should be able to run it. will post details if i get it working.

  • Obscuritan

    Got it running, some of the level design is pretty awesome, similar to Prey’s with rooms where you’ll walk through a door only to come into the same room but on a different angle.

    Red Paint destroys objects
    Yellow Paint shrinks/grows objects
    Blue Paint stops or starts an object’s movement.

    These are so far the only “weapons” i’ve seen, and you just use them to navigate the levels. It’s pretty interesting, although I feel the mood is a bit detracted from by the voice acting on the Raven that guides you.

    Worth the 130mb download though, just to see some of the stuff UT2k4 engine can do.

  • Obscuritan
  • Derek

    Wow! Thanks for the write-up/screen, Obscuritan.

  • Neon

    Too short, lackluster visuals and voice acting but a very cool experimental game.
    I recommend a download.