Monster Madness

By: Derek Yu

On: December 6th, 2007

Monster Madness

Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Japanese-based Q-Games (which developed the PS3 downloadable game Pixel Junk Racers), talks about their latest game, Monster Madness, in this blog entry. The game is an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid made with Japanese gamers in mind.

The entry has some interesting tidbits, and I found this part to be terribly amusing:

The online rankings are going to be pretty competitive for this title and there are separate tables for cooperative and single play. The cooperative mode actually gets people to talk to each other as they play, and seeing as girls love this game (no, honestly, they do!), Monsters could become an important tool in every lad’s arsenal!

It’s true – video games can be a great way to break the ice with the opposite sex, men and women alike. The way I do it is using the NES Power Pad… World Class Track Meet, baby. They never expect me to get down on my knees and start pounding the buttons with my fists. Works every time!

Monster Madness

(Source: Game Set Watch)

  • Tr00jg

    Bwhuaha @ last paragraph. Great stuff Derek.

    Its also a long time since I played a TD. Meh, still have to play Immortal Defense.

  • BlademasterBobo

    “They never expect me to get down on my knees and start pounding the buttons with my fists. Works every time!”

    Are you saying there’s another way to use those things?

  • Jean-Sebastien

    A RTS/Tower Defense hybrid?

    Didn’t we used to call than an RTS?

  • rz.

    yeah, since a tower defense is actually an rts. you know. a custom map for an rts. warcraft 3. fuck.

  • Hunty

    I use the Power Glove. I use it to play some Rad Racer, and then I turn around and say “I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.” and girls get paralyzed with desire and Fred Savage has to drag them out of the room.

  • fartron

    I use the Power Glove too, but not for that.

  • AmnEn

    Oh! TD Game! How… original.
    I think TD has spawned more clones allready than Breakout. oO

  • Shadowrice

    Does that screenshot remind anybody else of NetStorm?