Glorious Trainwrecks

By: Derek Yu

On: December 10th, 2007


Glorious Trainwrecks is a website devoted to B-Games, and its users submitted the infinitely awesome 100-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart to our B-Game Competition. In the words of Six, one of the site’s contributors:

We’ve been holding a monthly two-hour game jam, the Klik of the Month Klub, which is always a blast; members have also been making games outside of that context on a regular basis. The weird thing is, even though the site was created to pay tribute to wonderful terrible games, somewhere along the line our focus seems to have subtly shifted to just encouraging people to produce stuff – good, bad, whatever.

I like the idea of using Klik n’ Play to explore game making in such a free way! And some of the results are quite interesting, such as Xmas ADVENTure, an action/puzzle game that is being released one screen at a time until Christmas, or this one-switch platform demo. (One-switch games are games that only require a single button to play, and are more accessible to people with certain disabilities.)

  • MisterX

    Is what I see in that screenshot actually what I see? Uuh..

    Well, surely sounds interesting, but probably much more so for the developers themselves than the actual gamers, like said in the quote.

  • Splinter of Chaos

    It looks like someone’s revenge on Custard’s Revenge.

  • Relatively Old Greek

    I wish there were games that wouldn´t require any activity at all.

  • Radix

    There are.

  • fartron

    Master of Orion 3.

    Oh snap, take that Quicksilver!

  • crackers

    Are these dudes for real?

  • Splinter of Chaos

    Relatively Old Greek:
    Play one dimensional Tetris. I proclaim it best puzzle game ever.

  • Golds

    StdBits is klik.

  • Golds

    To add, the advantage of klik, or any integrated rapid development tool is the ability to quickly go from a conception in your head to pixelated (or non pixelated) execution, and slowly add logic flow to it (this is the
    lame part, as the logic flow in MMF leaves a lot to be desired).

    It’s cool that Noitu Love 2 is an IGF nominee, as it is all done in klik, and is slowly adding to the mainstream acceptance of it, along with Niflas/Lyle/etc.

    I have a feeling that we’ll start seeing a lot of interesting stuff ones all the DirectX hardware acceleration is added in the next month or two. Apparently you’ll be able to write your own shaders for klik.

    Additionally they’re working on Java export, which could open up the platforms you see klik games running on… web, mac, … console, phone? It all depends on how lean and fast they can get it work.

  • Ice Floe Nowhere to Go

    Golds, the Klik & Play they use, while part of the “klik” collection, is archaic (released in ’94) and much more restrictive than MMF, though this is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to tight time limits. The horrendous clip-art included in Klik & Play does also give the games a unique aesthetic.

  • tantan

    I’ma get in on this.

  • Del_Duio

    Urban Yeti and Ninja Golf LOLOL

    Oh man, GREAT stuff to be found!

  • rtlfojom

    [quote]… the advantage of klik, or any integrated rapid development tool is the ability to quickly go from a conception in your head…[/quote]

    If a gameplay mechanism isn’t working as planned to promote fun in the game, it can easily be abandoned for another. A developer might not feel quite as committed to the design since the coding effort is much more simplified than other languages.

    Implementing one idea might inspire more ideas that don’t necessarily fit into the project at hand. The Klik products speed up development so that it’s easy to close one project for a couple of hours to begin a new project or demo for the new inspiration.

    When I was building the one-switch platform demo, I realized how simple the controls in a game could be. I was inspired to build a keyboard simulator so that other games could be played via one switch. This is how 4Noah was conceived: < - Download <- Youtube video of 4Noah in action. ... The Klik of the Month Klub on Glorious Trainwrecks is a great way to get the creative process flowing. The gang is friendly and the forums are great for feedback on a project.