Video: Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: December 13th, 2007

Alpha footage of Flashbang Studios’ next game:
Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

This game looks every bit as awesome as its title would suggest.

Coming out next Friday, December 21st, 2007. (I hope!)

  • rz.

    i love offroad, and velociraptors, and safaris… but what the fuck is this?

  • BMcC

    Your wildest dreams come true!

  • PoV

    My gawd. Dreams *DO* come true!

  • tantan

    i love matt w. there. i said it. it’s guy love though. not gay, guy.

  • Stij

    This…is the greatest masterpiece of our day and age.

  • Dominic White

    That HAS to have been inspired by the Video Game Name Generator.

    On that note, some site needs to hold a big game-development contest based around that site.

  • Adam Atomic

    This is what zoo race should have been.

  • Keops

    Af first I was like O_O what is this thing supposed to be? Where is the awesome here? XD

    Then on second 6 of the video, the hatch in the back of the jeep opened and we got this HUGE ball of spikes in a chain, and we can hook dead dinosaurs to it! Wow, this is the very essence of awesome!

  • BMcC


    They’re just resting!

  • axel

    Animal cruelty just got *awesome!*

  • Nillo

    It needs supersoakers filled with concord grape juice.

  • rndll

    There is no splashing blood, it fails. And brains, no flying brains.

  • Spincut

    Oh my lordy, this is AWESOME. O_O

  • Xotes

    Dinosour ragdoll physics, giant maces, and
    super turning ability. What’s not to love?

  • raigan

    to quote mare: shit just got real.

  • olmec

    look great but still needs more creativity in concept. the raptor, the spiked tail and the ragdoll physics sitting in a table… is not enough to entertain all by themselves

  • Matthew

    olmec: You might be surprised.

  • tantan

    Also, Matt, why haven’t you posted this on F-M? Are you waiting for the release?

  • Smithy

    This most definitely should be filed under “games and art.”

  • Prio

    > look great but still needs more creativity in concept.

    One word. Cowbell. Problem solved.

  • Dave Cobb

    If there was an actual game built around collecting these things, that would be rad. Something cheesy like, “Jurassic Park’s offline and we gotta cut our losses and hit all the dinos with a jeep!”

    I get to be Muldoon!

  • PoV

    You’ll need a bigger Jeep for the T-Rex.

  • risujin

    Cheap Carmageddon rip-off…

  • BMcC

    @Raigan: Haha, nice. Slogan material.

  • Ben

    It’s the strangest thing…you would think a concept this shallow would turn out weak, you know? But it’s SOOO fun. Granted, I am slightly biased. HAHA! I can’t wait for the next piece of footage, it’ll have Flashbang-made art in it!

    (Among other things. Haha!)

  • Pixel Mort

    Aaah indie games : )

  • Del_Duio

    Jewel Quest II:
    Now with 100% more Indiana Jones font!

    Their whole website just looks like a showcase for a TON of generic games from every possible genre. I didn’t think that would be possible, but lo. I wonder how much they’re charging for those?

    At least this one looks promising :)

  • seth

    hm i dunno, I just hope it doesn’t have a shallow story

  • nullerator

    This looks great.

    Matthew: Is Fun-Motion dead?

  • jade_ad

    Beh.. punching coward peaceful dinos?

  • Kein

    What a pile of poo.

    That Spike tail looks a lot like the one from Carmageddon

  • Quiest

    Since when do Velociraptors have bushy tails?

    Other than that it looks fun, but someone already said, its missing brutality like blood and some gibs flying around…

  • Matthew

    Velociraptors have feathers (the bushy tail is just missing any kind of texture map with opacity).

    And, yeah, Carmageddon was awesome. No need to be snarky about it! I might as well say, “Ha, *Kein*, what a pile of a poo. Your name looks a lot like Ken.” But that would both uncouth and uncalled for, and so I won’t.

    The website on our domain name sells casual games through affiliate programs (ie, we didn’t make the vast majority of the games on there). But it’s one of the revenue sources that allows us to sit around in an office and work on such timeless pieces of art as ORVS.

    Fun-Motion isn’t dead. Just sleeping :/

  • Someplayer

    This could be what Hunting Unlimited should have been like :D. But seriously after 5mins it needs challenge to become interesting. For example if raptors could jump on top of the car and eat your driver if you don’t manage to shake them of. Or add big dinos that might turn over the vechile and you then need to get outside to push it back on wheels..

  • Matthew


    In all seriousness, challenge and threat is something we’ve talked about quite a bit. This is a web game, though, so it’s likely we’ll just ship without. Five minutes of interesting is kind of the target ;)

  • Shih Tzu

    Wow, I second the Video Game Name Generator contest idea. Nothing it produces is less than awesome.

    Dirty Robot Disaster
    Sexy Lawnmower Rescue
    Educational Puzzle vs. The Space Mutants

  • Blake

    I third it

  • Del_Duio

    “Depressing Sunshine Party ”

    That should be a great challenge to some game designer I’d think.

    “Undercover Motorcycle Rider Punch-out!! ”

    HAHAHA, oh please somebody make one of these :)

    That name generator is awesome in a bag.

  • Del_Duio

    “Eco-Friendly Basketball Saloon”


    No more, spirit! Show me no more!

  • BMcC

    I move to make this a TIGSource competition at some point.

  • makeshifter

    i just realized i sat in front of that name generator for THREE HOURS!!!!

    im now going to post my top ten favorites
    1 being last 10 being best

    1# alien squrrile crises
    2# preschool bedtime bastards
    3# inappropriate square-dancing force
    4# flaming nudist vs. capcom
    5# creepy midget slam
    6# shrunken pokemon assassins!
    7# angry square dancing of the dead
    8# muppet scorched earth hunt
    9# flamboyant acid simulator
    and finally!

  • Matthew

    Dibs on Cyber Pony Beatdown!

  • makeshifter

    no wait even better!

    The Secret Weapon of the STD Anarchy


  • Megalollamaniac

    i got “the last buddhist in vegas”

  • il sabri

    The title says it all:


    …too epic for words.