Winter’s Heart

By: Derek Yu

On: December 21st, 2007

Winter's Heart

Winter’s Heart is a new game from darthlupi, the developer behind Mage Craft, Legend of Shadow, and other prominent Game Maker games. In this game, made for YoYo Games’s wintry game contest, you play a spellcaster who must save the world from freezing over. It’s a simple story that mostly serves the gameplay, but hey, it works!

The game’s mechanics are simple, but quite interesting. To get to the next level, you have to open the portal. To open the portal, you have to defeat all the enemies in the level, by first bashing them with a snowball and then bashing them with your club. Along the way, you will have opportunities to extend your freezing bar (which acts as both a health/magic bar), and gain new spells that let you do a variety of things, like summon snowballs from the sky.

As you progress further, the scarcity of snow patches (on which snowballs can be rolled), and the appearance of new monsters and “monster portals” that must be closed off, make life much more difficult for our intrepid hero. I swear, I curse out every single one of those “ghosts” that can walk through the walls! But the unique game design works so well that you can’t help but keep playing (and dying)! I definitely recommend it.

Unfortunately, the game is hosted on YoYo Games, which is such a piece of crap that I refuse to link them. (More like “NoMo Games,” amirite?) In the meantime, just download it here (4 Mb), from TIGSource.

(Source: Paul Eres, via Indygamer)

  • MrMan

    When you outlaw YoYo Games, then only the outlaws will have YoYo Games.

    Or something like that.

  • Voodoo Master

    God, I hate YoYo Games. Game Maker was doing great without them, and they do things so crappily that I refuse the buy GM7 (which I normally would get).

    Once, when I was only a little annoyed with them for having a horribly broken registration system (you need to get an account to get on most of their site), I sent them an e-mail with my concerns about how well their doing. They replied that the person my email was supposed to get to was on a cruise, and that she would respond when she’s back. That was in April. A few months later, I sent another email, which they ignored.

    They had better get their acts together – it’s been about a year, and no real difference.

    Anyways, I’m glad darthlupi made another game. I hope that he and tapeworm can finish Velella soon.

  • rinkuhero

    I ditto all the YoYo Games comments. Horribly slow to the point of never-loading site, negligent and incompetent people. When the site first launched it said something like ‘the leading site for game development on the internet.’ I kept complaining about that to them, and they eventually took that down (I think).

    I’m normally not a negative person (I hope) but I really like Game Maker and hate to see it taken over by people who can’t even make a working site. I’ve also had problems getting responses back from them by email.

  • rinkuhero

    Oh, and I love Winter’s Heart and hate the ghosts too. Apparently there’s a trick to the ghosts though: if you move close to them they start to follow you instead of move randomly into walls, which helps, marginally.

  • Pater Alf

    Thank you so much for putting up a mirror for this game. I was trying to download it from YoYo Games for two days now and all I got was “Your download session has expired. Please try again.”. They’re such a pain in th ass…

  • how i can finding the music of that game pls tell me !(i don’t know good english but i have one prorgamme on my pc for that) pls pls tell me!!!!!!!!!
    I want to find this music now.
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  • Trotim

    Hah, yes, YOYODAWG Games I despise aswell. I did not get GM7 either… not even illegally. *cough*

  • Lailoken

    Has anybody actually beat this game? I made it to the last boss, a big glacier with an eye in it and wailed on him repeatedly for like 20 minutes and still nothing.
    parts of the game are annoying and frustrating and don’t like the score system. Yet somehow it still kept me glued to it from start to end boss. And it’s not a short game…


    The above is the most recent version. From my understanding is still in beta? Is that accurate?

    Any way, the music for the game can be found here:

    All music was composed by Benjamin ‘Monty’ PAGES, and it was used with his permission in this project.

    Included in the above zip file is a link to one of his sites. Be sure to check out all of his tunes!


    For the final boss, try smacking those ice formations on his side before attacking the main body. He might come un-wedged.

  • sorry, I messed up the music link: