Christmas Eve Round-up of Joy and Merriment

By: Derek Yu

On: December 24th, 2007

Merry Manhugs

Gentlebros and gentlehoes, I wish you all a merry Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivus, or whatever the hell you’re celebrating right now! Day after tomorrow I take off for a much-needed respite down under. I shan’t be posting on my vacation, so whether or not you have to stare at this man’s voluptuous body for two weeks falls squarely in the hands of the other editors! “The power is YOURS!”

Now, enjoy some indie gaming holiday cheer:

First off, our Text the Halls IF competition is nearing a close! There are already some great entries available for download! Good luck, guys!

Also, there have been some great indie gaming list threads started in the forums. Here are a few good ones: Supa’ Hard Games, Multiplayer Freeware Games, Big List of Indie Game Developer Interviews. Nice work!

Pen Pen Olympics

Pen Pen Olympics is a new penguin skiing game from Retrospec and Army of Trolls, the dudes behind Push Push Penguin. SkiFree FTW.

Shacknews has an interview with PixelJAM, the crew behind the delightful shoot ’em up Gamma Bros., about their new title, Dino Run. The game is currently in production and is slated for a February-ish release.

There’s a new trailer for N+, the XBLA version of N that should be coming out any day now. Being a ninja is hard work!

Our beloved cactus has just released the sequel to Mondo Medicals, called “”">Mondo Agency." It’s a horror-ific FPS shooter in the style of the first game. Yes!

Apparently, someone’s making a Roguelike based on Fist of the North Star (aka Hokuto No Ken). This “”“>Hokuto No Rogue” isn’t playable yet, but there are some videos of it on YouTube. I’m interested!

Speaking of Roguelikes, there’s a new version of DoomRL that kicks a lot of ass. Kornel is overhauling a lot of the game’s mechanics, so check it out!

Monty's Christmas Special

Monty’s Christmas Special is a freeware, X-mas-themed platformer made in the style of an old (auld?) Spectrum title.

The fourth issue of RGCD is now available. This giant discmag has slews of cherry-picked reviews, features, and downloads for retro games.

Last but not least, the IGF Student Finalists have been announced. I think Brandon is going to post some commentary on this later, maybe. If not, then mantits for you! Happy holidays!

(Sources: Indygamer, The Gnome’s Lair, Rogue Temple)

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    That is one fine picture. Havn’t been able to take my eyes off it, so I can’t comment on the text just yet.. Just one more look.

  • Javet

    Don’t forget my “Best of ’07”! And, I posted 10 games on FGOTD for Christmas!

  • BMcC

    Merry Christmas, y’all!

    I’ll be taking care of the site in Derek’s absence, don’t you worry. (But, when you get right down to it, that only means _more_ dudes in their underwear.)

    @Derek: Hah, yeah, I definitely can’t Skype and write posts at the same time… I realized I was hours late getting to the county (to housesit my friend’s place) before the post was nearly done. :P

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    Merry Christmas guys!

  • rz.

    @BMcC: dude, we totally didn’t make any IFs. i tried a few days ago to work Inform, but… yeah. we should still do it, for serious.

    and more underwear dudes, for sure.
    and moustaches.

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  • BMcC

    @rz.: I know, man… I know. :'(

    But we totally will. I started teaching myself the IF stuff. It’s gonna be dope.

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    Merry Christmas, indie gamers!

  • Xander

    Merry Christmas all! Sadly I’ve been a little inactive lately, but I’ll be sure to check out the Text The Halls entries as soon as possible. Also; New DoomRL? I sense an addiction resurfacing..

  • Terry

    I wanted to update with some stuff, but I just can’t bear to displace that picture :D

  • Hey Derek, how come you didn’t post your 1up interview? I’m really happy for you, man!

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    Derek was super sexy on the 1up show!

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    Seconded! Yeah, the 1up interview was really fun to watch! If no one would have brought it up here, I’d miss it :).

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    My eyes. You killed them…you…murderer!

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    Derek never posts news about Bit-blot. it’s always me, BMcC, or that other guy.

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    It’s Derek.

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    Derek after LOTS of tigersauce, I suppose…

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    HOW IS MAKING ME GO BLIND A CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! i can’t even see what new games there are. i mean the fact that im typing this with complete accuracy and that i know im typing with complete accuracy is a miracle in it’s self.

    *opens eyes*

    oh. sorry i think i had a bit too much eggnog sorry all.
    getting…woozy…. *passes out*

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