Derek Interviewed on the 1UP Show

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: December 28th, 2007

Might as well post this, yeah?

  • BMcC

    He had better cut his hair before GDC — no one will be able to tell him and Jon Mak apart!

  • Al King

    Nah, Jon’ll be the one with the marriage proposal.

  • Sak

    Who is that sexy asian with the long hair? I just want to dip him in chocolate and whip cream.

  • Movius

    I saw this a week or so ago and I’m still yet to receive an explanation about why the interview was conducted at gunpoint. *see 5:00 in

  • Movius

    4:45 into it actually

  • Space Ranger

    He has cheeks I want to pinch.


  • rz.

    he should get that hair braided

    you know, into cornrows. i’m serious
    then make an indie GTA

  • Tantan



  • @Tantan

    yea, now imagine if J Parish was there too!

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  • BMcC

    @Movius: Haha, Leigh, that is AWESOME.

  • Stij

    Heh, Derek looks nothing like how I thought he would.

  • Bob

    Derek needs to update his avatar.

    Oh, and I didn’t know that 1UP’s producer was an androgyne.

  • Dr. Pickles

    Is Kathleen Sanders a transsexual? I can’t find this information on Google.

  • Steve Swink

    OMG Swoon! Derek is a one man indie hunkfestival. Good luck getting your dog/ferrari hybrid done…before we finish ours! Jeep = ferrari. Dogs = raptors. It pretty much sells itself.

  • Tantan


    *yea, now imagine if J Parish was there too!*

    I came.

    And lolsteve.

  • Spincut

    Mmm, Derek is one hot piece of man meat! Rawr! :D

  • Eclipse

    interesting game, though it looks a lot like an Ecco the Dolphin clone

  • Dynamo!

    I’m OK was hilarious, Aquarius is a blast, and dogs in ferarris is the future of entertainment. Ya’ll are awesome.

  • anonymouse

    interesting game, though it looks a lot like an Ecco the Dolphin clone with absolutely nothing in common save the concept of being underwater and being capable of jumping above surface. just like that super mario bros. clone called contra – the latter totally cloned the former with its side-scrolling camera and 2d visuals.

  • Pedro

    Yeah, I’m with Movius. Why must out dear Derek be held hostage?