Project Hotseat

By: Tim

On: December 30th, 2007


Project Hotseat is a 2-player game project by Jan Willem Nijman, with the focus on weapons. The latest demo contains 68 of them; Examples are rocket machineguns, laser cannons, invisible mines, toxic sprayers, and ducks of doom. There are 6 maps to try.
The game is made for the gameplay, so the graphics aren’t very special, and instead of a fancy menu there are shortcuts for most of the “debug” options.

Two weapons can be carried at a time, and ammo is depleted within seconds. Whenever you are weaponless you can still jump on your enemy’s head to deal some damage.

  • toastie

    You could have at least posted a boobie shot or something.

  • Gr.Viper

    Somehow very Liero-ish. Maybe it’s tiny fov.
    Laser shotgun rocks!

  • Tantan

    Erm… This sounds great. Too bad I don’t know anything more about it.

  • Trotim

    Way too fast and frantic. I believe I could make a better game in under a week.

  • Tantan
  • Benzido

    It doesn’t seem like this is a hot-seat game, strangely enough. It seems like a game where both players have their own seat.

    Hotseat would be a good theme for a tigsource competition.

  • Gr.Viper

    Uh… hotseat first-person adventure with players locked in separate rooms of some complex mechanised structure while having very limited opportunities for item transfer e.g. tube post.

  • haowan

    i like boobies

  • Pyrrhon

    Unpolished and uninteresting. How come this even gets featured on TIGS?

  • Stwelin

    you’ve heard of the term ‘slow news day’?

  • Zeno

    I’m all for favoring gameplay over graphics, but honestly, that’s just horrible.

  • raigan

    i thought the graphic style was pretty cool! and the range of weapons is interesting — the position-switcher’s a great idea!

  • lilgamefreek

    Yeah, I played this with a friend and it was great fun. Of course the guy has the mentality of a nine year old, but that besides the point