By: Derek Yu

On: January 11th, 2008


Cursor*10 is an amazing little doujin flash game that asks “Cooperate by oneself?!” You have 10 little cursors and you have to make it up to the 16th floor. I’ve made it to the top and my high score is 183. I think that’s pretty good (i.e. I know you can beat me)!

By the creators of the Xananeko games.

(Thanks, arrowhen! Via Sensible Erection [NSFW].)

  • Zaphos

    This is brilliant :)

  • Stwelin

    Highest possible score is 188, for anyone trying to get the most out of the game.

  • Radnom

    What do you do on floor 15? :S I have all three buttons pushed, and nothing happens.

  • Stwelin

    Pay closer attention to the rooms you rush through. :)

  • Radnom


  • Grawl
  • sinoth

    Really fun :) Would like to see this concept used more.

  • Dusty Spur

    Fun game, though to really get anywhere I pretty much have to not click any of the score objects unless waiting for buttons to be pressed. I guess I just suck at it :[

  • Melly

    Got the maximum score (188) with two cursors left.

    Is there a way to have at least more more left while getting all the score objects? I’m not sure it’s possible unless you’re a Cylon.

  • Melly

    By the way, forgot to mention it’s really awesome to see all your ‘shadows’ working together. Kinda eerie too. XP

  • Tr00jg

    It takes the “ghost car” concept to a whole new level. It should be used a lot more imho.

  • raelz

    I remember a shoot em up game with your ghosts helping you, can’t remember the name though. It would be lovely to use this idea more

  • MisterX

    It’s nice to see such “trends” coming up, as more and more games featuring this “cooperate with yourself”-idea appear :) This game is particularly nice. It’s quite simple, but as Melly said it’s really cool seeing the other cursor like they’re actually acting on their own and working together with the rest :)

    Well, my score on the second try was 181, but I only just noticed you also have to press that one button around floor 10 when I had a single cursor left :D
    For me it worked well to have the first cursor pick up all the “pyramids” on the first floors, then have the second cursor keep the first button pushed for a while and then collect the rest up until this floor.

  • jeb

    I’ve played this to death since somebody posted it at #tigirc a week ago or so. I’ve managed the following self-made achievements:

    * Full score (188) with 3 cursors remaining
    * Full score with 271 remaining cursor life on the last floor
    * Reached the last floor with 5 remaining cursors

    I love this game, I still play it even though I can’t think of any new goals to set.

  • Stwelin

    “Cooperate with oneself” should be the next TIGS competition theme.

  • pyabo

    Reminds me of an old game called Airball. At some point(s) in the game, you had to kill yourself in order to hop on the cross that appeared where your previous life buys it.