Dwarf Fortress Graphics Release (Unofficial)

By: Derek Yu

On: January 14th, 2008

Dwarf Fortress Graphics

For those that missed it, Mike Mayday has compiled various Dwarf Fortress graphics tilesets into a single package that includes the latest release of the game. The tilesets are already linked, so all you need to do is download it and run. So far, this is the easiest way to play DF with graphics, and even though it’s not perfect, it looks pretty darn good!

More screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Also, via Chris Hildebrandt, some wishful thinking for you.

  • raigan

    and there’s a new version of DoomRL out too! ;)

  • Benzido

    Alright! Just do another 0.1 revision, iron out the remaining ASCII tiles, and I’m in!

  • James Kwan

    This is the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life.

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  • Xeno

    It’s sooooooooo horizontal D:

  • Nick


  • Sic Jake

    Cool! I’ve tried getting into dwarf fortress, but alas I’m not old school enough for the ascii. As a kid I used to love Castle to death, but now ugh I need my sprites!!

  • Devin

    I don’t know. I kind of love the character-based graphics… it adds a layer of esoteric weirdness to a game already rife with it. Makes it that much harder to understand, but that much more of a natural thing once you do understand it.

  • PHeMoX

    “Also, via Chris Hildebrandt, some wishful thinking for you.”

    Wow, Zelda (/FF?) eat your heart out! Niiiice!

    I’m afraid I can’t get into a game with ASCII characters anymore either, the exact same problem, I need my sprite fix. :p

  • 21GP

    I am DF’s biggest fan just so to get that out of the way.

    And this is incredible

  • Nikica

    No, I am DF’s biggest fan, but I hate tilesets, it’s better with ASCII !!!

  • skaldicpoet9

    Hmm, I guess it is alright for those that can’t get past the ASCII. Personally I think it looks better in ASCII.

  • Shinji16

    “raigan said:
    and there’s a new version of DoomRL out too! ;)”

    XD – Also, there are whispers of something new from Hermit Games (of Fren-ze and Troid fame) this week as well…

  • Kemo

    Maybe i am missing something, but the main screenshot and what is shown in “more screenshots” are completely different. So what is the real featured tileset ?

  • Arne

    I think good Symbols would be better than both Sprites and Text characters. I think with good Symbols the freedom of imagination is left more intact, whilst the game remain fast to read.

  • He-man woman hater

    Considering you’re a news/filter site, starting your articles with “For those that missed it” makes you sound like a complete cunt.

    Yes, well done, found out about something before me!! I’m so very amazed. /how inferior I feel.

    Anyways, sorry about that outburst. I’ll get back to my cock snorkeling.

  • Movius

    and you can read about this and many more of the other sins of Derek Yu – *Internet Rude Man of Death* at DerekYuWatch352.blogspot.com

    it’s all there, from how he ripped off ecco the dolphin to how ecco the dolphin ripped off cave story.

  • Movius

    Oh yes, the topic at hand…

    This tileset looks promising. I generally prefer ascii in games of this sort, but Dwarf Fortress doesn’t seem to have had as much care shown in this area (ie. the same symbol can represent vastly different things. Particularly troublesome if it’s the difference between a harmless horse and rampaging hippo.) So a good graphical tileset could vastly improve things.

  • Sebioff

    Now, if there’d only be mouse support…the current interface is REALLY tiresome.

  • Ok

    Symbols are sometimes better than graphics.

  • haowan

    there is some mouse support already

  • raigan

    yeah, i don’t mind the ascii at all, it’s the HORRIBLE HOTKEY INTERFACE that really ruins this for me.

  • MISTER NICE GUY!!!!!!!!

    Man that’s really something.
    The awnser to what could make this game batter is this: GRAPHICS.
    Well, keep the great work guys.

  • Patrick

    All they need is a decent interface now, and it’d be a dream.

  • krizzl0r

    awesome. the “wishful thinking part” as well ;) have to agree with the guys above me: needs interface!

  • AmnEn

    Great game, really bad interface. I agree. But that’s a known issue and allready in the To Do List. So here is to hope and seeing how DF will do in the future. This turns out to be quite the gem and has potential for a lot lot more.

  • Hunty

    the icing is better, but the cake is still made of poop. However! Once they replace the poop with cake, it will be that much better for having better icing!

    …by which I mean “new interface PLZ! KTHXBYE!”

  • Gr.Viper

    I wonder if same can be done to B12G’s Liberal Crime Squad… that eats less system resources and could well show more realistic brain mater being splattered all over the place. I just love shooting teenagers’ internals out with Magnum…

  • negative zero

    ah nice, tilesets. though i do like ascii characters in some games, for a massive game like dwarf fortress, it’s a bit of a turn off for me.

    i guess i like having actual art in games, but this looks promising nonetheless. keep it up guys, you’ve almost converted me.

  • Redhades

    Still looks like nerd puke.
    I should try it though.

  • Mike Mayday

    To Kemo: these are all screenshots from the same release. The DF graphic options don’t allow for a fully consistent graphic set, so that’s why they seem so different. I also used the axonometric smoothed walls as opposed to the blockish unsmoothed because… they look good IMHO.

  • Bobo

    This is nice I guess (even though I’ve always enjoyed the look of a screen full of jiggling text!), but what scares me away from DF isn’t the ASCII-Graphics, it’s the terrifying interface. Shame that I’m not hardcore enough to handle it, it seems so great =

  • Lailoken

    I dunno, DF scared me for a long time, but when I finally tried it I picked it up pretty fast with the intro wiki guide. After the first day, you pretty much know what everything is, and most of the interface off by heart. It can be a little slow to do some things sometimes, but it’s well worth it in my books.

  • fliffy101

    holy shat

    this was posted by derek yu, the maker of spelunky!!!! or i guess this was before spelunky

  • Doop

    He owns this site.

  • Headdesk

    What the /hell/ is wrong with you?