Who Has the Biggest…

By: Derek Yu

On: January 20th, 2008

Cock Fight

John Romero had some not-so-nice words for Gamecock CEO (and former Ion Storm CEO) Mike Wilson on his blog, and Mike responded in kind in the comments. The whole incident is funny and ugly and not a little bit sad. Read it and weep. Or don’t!

Gamecock is worth mentioning at least once, however. Wilson once described his group in a Gamasutra interview thusly:

It’s indie but it’s “big indie”, with proper distribution and marketing money and all that stuff.

Which could be a good idea if its founders weren’t destroying their reputation (what there is of it) piece-by-piece by throwing money away on lavish clown orgies and generally making cocks of themselves. Independent developers could always use more resources, but do they really need this? Well, no.

  • bv728

    I’m inclined to side with Romero on this one; he’s actively tried to damp down on flames and personal attacks after the start of all this, and that earns him a little credit in my book. Plus the whole Gamecock thing at the VGAs feels like the same kind of thing as the ‘Bitch’ ads did.

    Plus, Romero has designed several good games, including some low key stuff after Daikatana (which suffered from a poor intro and bugs more than marketing, as the game was allegedly interesting after the first four levels). Mike Wilson’s been… a producer.