Berserker Preview

By: Tim

On: January 21st, 2008

That upcoming controversial game from Michal (Soldat) and Sigvatr. Swearing involved.

  • Eclipse

    it sucks :

  • failrate

    At this moment, I can’t tell if that is genius, or idiocy.

    Idius? Geniocy?

    Will probably play it.

  • Xander


    I was kind of expecting something a little more shockingly violent. I think Tig Duels may just me more violent than that. Not that violence is everything, but for Berserker I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be everything.

  • Dominic White

    Yeah, echoing that this might have been controversial, say, a decade ago back when Bloodlust Software was able to almost sorta-kinda shock someone. Now, it just seems rather tame.

    All hinges on whether the gameplay is decent, though, but can’t see too much evidence of that in the video there. Hopefully there’s more to combat than ‘Mash attack, hope enemy falls down before you do’.

  • deadeye

    I wanted to see some defilement of corpses :(

    Consider me disappointed.

  • CosmoKid

    Perhaps the game is too early along to judge, but all of the interesting features (besides violence) that were supposed to be in this game, aren’t. The physics-based improvised damage and really brutal violence promised weren’t shown. Why would you release a trailer that completely fails to showcase the interesting parts of the game?

  • Prio

    Ummmmm. This is very, very early in development, I hope?

  • rndll

    That reminds me of Franko: The Crazy Revenge! for Amiga. Which isn’t exactly a compliment ;-p

  • Zaphos

    I like how this is the second TIG posting under the category of “Unicorns” :D

  • PoV

    The screams sound fantastic. :)

  • Gazillion

    So controversial….

  • Monsieur LeBoeuf

    Mister The Beef wants to know how this is any different than The Art of Theft.

  • Smithy

    Might be fun, I imagine the screams would get tiring pretty fast after hearing them fifty times over though…

    Thus far, all independently developed games that went for the controversy market have sucked.

    But by the standards of the other controversy games, (JFK shooter, Columbine massacre, Happy unicorn adventure, etc etc,) I’d say this looks the most promising of the bunch.

  • failrate

    AFAICT, this demo really only showed off how sound works in multiplayer, innit?

    Also, bald rednecks without shirts love to run (see also, COPS).

  • Zeno

    I made a video because the basic fighting with bots is ready, so the game is playable! This is an early version so don’t bitch if you find any bugs and glitches in the video. There’s still a lot to be done, nevertheless I see that the game will make an impact.

    So sayeth MM. So yeah, it’s not even supposed to be a “preview”, more of a progress report.

  • konjak

    Highpoint was “I HATE YOU!!”

  • sinoth

    Underwhelmed much?

  • raigan

    i’m waiting to see exactly how the alleged anal raping works..

  • crackers

    That is hilarious, mean men who are bald beating each other along to Manowar. It’s either the indy game of the year or the biggest gay joke of the year.

  • Splinter of Chaos

    I imagine much like it does in Halo. You keep crouching and uncroching really fast while masturbating to screen shots of Duke Nukem Forever (yes, they’re actually still making it!).

    The question is: Unlike in Halo, can you do it IN THE GAME? And I hope the answer is not “only if you hit the screen.”

  • 21GP

    i hope that IS the answer

  • Splinter of Chaos

    On second thought, good point…but going back to the first: you can never use my computer.

  • Lim-Dul

    Splinter Chaos – ROFL!

  • Trotim

    This is actually very good if you consider that they JUST STARTED actually making the game, geniuses.

  • Sigvatr

    We are not trying to make this game simply controversial; we are also trying to make it FUN.

    This is PRE ALPHA; not alpha, not beta, not even near to being finished yet. So, stfu.

  • Xander

    Hmm, well it would’ve been a little more helpful if the video had been annotated as such on Youtube rather than just ‘First Preview’. As Zeno said it’s more of a progress report, which is fine. It’s just not that interesting to watch…

  • sinoth

    Sigvatr is charming. Friends with Mr. Smart, I assume?

  • tk

    I’m confident this game will turn out really good, as will link dead.

    As for it not being controversial enough.. rest assured, judging by sigvatrs previous works, this game will be so controversial by the time it’s completed that our friend sinoth here will be shitting himself in a fit of rage and disgust.

  • Jad

    This game is gonna FUCK YOUR ASS


  • moi


  • Data

    I’m surprised at the overall negative reaction here – I was both impressed and amused by this first glimpse of the early work in progress.

    Now let’s see a Romero and Wilson set of characters going at it! Someone is going to have to step up to the plate and make that mod, man.

  • Stij

    Eh, I’m not a huge fan of MM or Sigvatr, but I’ll wait until we get an actual playable build before I judge this game too much.

  • JW

    Looking pretty nice. Will there be voice chat so you can do the shouting yourself? And will there actually be weapons?

  • Zeno

    I demand spoon-shanks.

  • fish


  • anonymous

    also: pruno.

  • Pyrrhon

    I would have thought this game was awesome when i was twelve.

    This is not controversial, it’s just pathetic.

  • BeamSplashX

    I have to say it’s been a while since I’ve heard “I HATE YOU!” said in such a manner in a game. Actually, I can’t recall it being in any other game. You could probably scare the crap out of someone by playing these voice clips into their room.

  • Pixel Mort

    Ragdoll kung-fu meets Postal?

  • failrate

    Nice, moody lighting effects :)

  • UFIA

    DO. NOT. WANT.

    Another new Soldat? Sure! Postal 1.5: The Prison Rape Years? Not so much.

  • ZombiePixel

    I don’t get all the hate, here. The video is an early preview and it’s already more stylish and well presented than 80% of other indie games.

    If only this had been a generic Japanese vector-graphics bullet-hell shooter or an 8bit 100×100 squinty pixel art platformer. Then the praise would flow!

    I’m not asking to love or even like games like this. I’m just asking that TIGsource keep room for games that aren’t deliberately abstruse.

  • Sigvatr

    Don’t forget black and white games with lines and ten million translucent glowing balls flying everywhere.

  • lowpoly

    Ya, I guess with the blurb for this video and the recent interview, people might be underwhelmed, but this is nothing more than a technical test along the lines of MM’s dynamic lighting videos and such on his blog.

  • Tr00jg

    I lol’ed. Seriously, I found it funny.

    It looks boring though. I want more ludicrous screaming please.

  • deadeye

    *ZombiePixel: I don’t get all the hate, here.*

    Well, Sigvatr promised mutilation, humiliation, defecation, and a whole host of other -ations. Sure, it’s probably just not implemented yet, but come on… don’t release a video of a game where you can shit on a corpse without dropping some trou.

    They just put out a video too early.

  • Sigvatr

    I don’t think we put out a video too early at all. We have been showing off things from our games from the very beginning. I blame the media.

  • sigfan

    Sigvatr doesn’t care what you think.

    in fact, he doesn’t care so much that he wrote a blog post about it.

    remember, if you don’t like the way this game looks, clearly you’re a misguided idiot.

  • cactus

    I like the idea of making a violent game just for shockvalue (I’ve wanted to do that myself, but haven’t been able to). I thought Electric Retard did a good job at that and it certainly was a very interesting read. I hope that this game will turn out equally disturbing :)

    The vid wasn’t too impressive, but I’m sure it’s too early to base anything on.
    Good luck with it, S/M ;)

  • fish

    its exactly because Sigvatr promised mutilation, humiliation, defecation, and a whole host of other -ations that i think this game is worthless.

    sigvatr is an angry angsty man-teen who’s only defining characteristic is that he is *shocking*.

    (the first and about the only thing he says about himself on his blog is that he is shocking. shocking is sigvatr. we fucking get it)

    and mind you, we’re talking about juvenile toilet-shock. nothing actually though provoking, nothing that denounces any kind of injustice. its guys running around screaming they are going to fuck eachother up the ass. because that’s *shocking*.