Bonesaw Preview

By: Shabadage

On: February 2nd, 2008

I’ve been watching the development of this game for quite a while, and now the embargo is over! I present to you Bonesaw, a game by Xerus; that’s based on an college inside joke that he hasn’t revealed yet. Regardless, this game has been extremely fun from very early on, and it’s getting pretty close to release. Don’t let the Kirby like graphics fool you, this game is fast and hard!

  • dan

    cave story

  • Jaunty

    Now this looks awesome. Also, if you want more on the in-joke just check out the url’s at the end of the videos. They’ve got the history on “bonesaw” up there and everything.

  • Lim-Dul

    *cave story*

    Well – that was a lame attempt at joining in on the meme…

    This doesn’t look like Cave Story at all (unlike some *other* games, khem, khem). It looks more like a cross between Sonic, Super Mario and MegaMan (which is potentially awesome =).

  • Eclipse

    it doesn’t look like cave story at all… seems also much more fast paced.
    characters have a 8bit feeling and scenarios an early 16bit style witch is not bad at all.

  • Eclipse

    uhm.. is the character an hockey player? o.o

  • MisterX

    Damnit, I wanted to start the “Cave Story ripoff… oh wait, wrong topic olol” joke :/

    Anyway, Bonesaw truly looks greatly polished and especially “smooth”. Also I love such boomerangs as weapons in games, but a hockey stick, that’s sweet as well :)
    I now just wonder why we haven’t heard of this game before. Needs more fuzz!

  • Victo

    Me want!!

  • X_Sheep

    That does look like a hockey player.

  • Gr.Viper

    Looks crazy… in a good way.

  • Redhades

    wow, I’m interested

  • Space Ranger

    Hi Redhades! Hows it going?

    I love the penguins and the deer (I think it’s a deer it all happens so fast) in this trailer, Xerus is a busy little bee indeed!

  • AmnEn

    This looks like Kaizo Mario on Fast Forward. I expect some brutal difficulty from that game :D

  • Mr E

    Wow, the game doesn’t just look like Kirby, it is Kirby. Faster, and harder maybe, but not terribly original.

    Let us hope that the game play is something special.

  • Stij

    kirby story ripoff lololol

    But seriously, this game looks pretty promising.

    If there’s anything I disliked about the Kirby series, it was the low diffculty and slow pace. This game seems like pretty much the opposite of that. It looks like the only things they have in common are the graphical style and the ability system.

  • xerus

    I actually ripped off Kirby in honor of ripping off Cave Story! =D

    If you guys say it looks like Kirby, and the gameplay resembles Kirby, then you’d be right since the game is heavily inspired from Kirby… in fact I started development on the engine when I was playing Squeak Squad on the DS! =D

    I hope that some of you arent too turned off with this though! =D

  • xerus

    Oh, and =D!

  • Stij

    Squeak Squad was pretty good, although I was kind of disappointed with the “ability combining” thing. I was expected something more like Kirby 64, where you could combine any ability.

    Still fun though.

  • Stij

    *abilitES, d’oh

  • Zeno

    Is Bonesaw played by “Macho Man” Randy Savage?

  • skaldicpoet9

    Man, you don’t even know how bad I want to play this game now, damn you.

  • xerus

    “Is Bonesaw played by “Macho Man” Randy Savage?”

    Oh, yes. You’ll have to play the game to find out more… ;D

  • axel

    Hahaha, it’s like Kirby on speed or something. Definitely going to check this out.

  • Kemo

    What kirby ? Are you people blind ? Its Commander Keen !

  • Advenith

    I hope coming soon means coming now, because I wanted my puppy when I was five. Especially considering that my parents had forgotten to put holes in the puppy box. That was a bad Christmas.

  • Shabadage

    Kemo, the tilesets for the levels are definately in the Kirby’s Adventure style (Awesome NES game, even if it was the beginning of the easier Nintendo games)

  • turn_self_off

    cant wait to play it!

    got to love small games that can go up against the big players in the field on playability :)

  • crackers

    I really like how this visually looks better than the majority of the retro-influenced freeware games that are around these days.

  • johnsprogram

    niiiiiice one!
    Can’t wait to try it ^_^

  • chutup

    That looks absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait.

  • chutup

    Also, I might be wrong but I think the music is a heavily remixed Kirby tune…

  • xerus


    I think you’re just imagining some connection now ;p The music is an original soundtrack composed by Josh Whelchel.

  • Zeno

    This looks really awesome. So what if it looks heavily Kirby-influenced? Kirby rocks out loud. Plus, the pace of the game gets me excited.

    Also, the guy reminds me of a hammer Bro. Does he get a hammer power?

  • curezen

    okay im thinking metroid and kirby and zelda and megaman and street fighter thrown together. aka an orgasm of awesomeness

  • haowan

    game of the forever!

  • Exoduster

    Fast and hard? Like Brannigan’s law?

    The Kirby-ness is undeniable, but it looks awesome.

  • wert

    in any case;…

    looks to be good.

  • willy

    omfg, lol its kirby cave story rip off!1 someone call 911!

  • Ok

    It’s obviously heavily influenced by megaman. If you can’t see and hear that you are not fit to be posting.

  • Bob

    Wasn’t Bonesaw the wrestler in Spider-Man 1?

  • Nikica

    Cool !!!

  • Siiseli

    So whats this made in?

  • axel

    It’s made in Multimedia Fusion 2, methinks.

  • Pixel Mort

    Sweet game : )

  • ChevyRay

    Lookin’ spiffy, I’ll definitely be in line for this one. Being a big fast-paced Megaman game fan, as well as a Kirby Superstar veteran, I’m getting good vibes from this.

    Though throwing in comparisons like that is just shallow. Sure, it may be influenced, but I’m sure it’s a game completely unto itself, deserving to be recognized as so.

    Keep up the good work.

  • cactus

    Looks great!

  • Anthony Flack

    Does anyone seriously expect this game to play anything like Kirby? Because I have played Kirby games, and I have watched that video, and that video does not look like Kirby gameplay to me. The blocks look quite Kirbyesque, but then so do the blocks in six billion other games.

    I am really very impressed with the large number of quality block platformers coming out of the indie community these days. It looks like there are some really talented level designers out there (level design is the part I always struggle with).

  • BMcC

    Looks awesome to me!

  • Dusty Spur

    Man, I was totally pumped after watching the video, but then I read the post and realized it hasn’t yet been released.

    xerus, the song in the video is in the game, right? Because that is an awesome tune.

  • Movius


  • Joseph

    Badass dude!