Splinter Source… Redux?

By: Derek Yu

On: February 11th, 2008

WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source

Zi-Xiao Liang wants me to tell you that he’s working on a new game based on one of his old games. Unfortunately, it’s not a remake of his top-down shooter Scientology PWNED, which ironically got PWNED pretty hard by Scientology. Instead, Mr. Liang is (probably wisely) choosing to base this game on Splinter Source, his side-scrolling 2d stealth platformer.

Hit the jump for five more screenshots of this as-of-yet-unnamed, no-release-date-set platform game which Zi-Xiao is describing as “Super Mario mashed with Splinter Cell, piled on Metal Gear Solid (and if the player chooses to do so, sprinkled with Contra).” Which is a recipe that makes either a Roast Awesomebeef or a Meatloaf of Disaster (hold the TIGERSauce). Let’s hope it’s the former!

WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source
WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source
WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source
WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source
WIP Platformer Based on Splinter Source
  • Nikica

    Heh wish there was an release date !!!

  • http://mybrain.ej.am/ AdamB

    At the risk of incurring a Beserker-like lashing for commenting on an early work-in-progress preview…

    I hope the bullets look better in the final version.

  • failrate

    That artwork reminds of Ball Bullet Gun, which is to say, “Sex-ay!!!”

  • http://doomlaser.com Golds

    <3 giant bullet shells

  • Zaphos

    I love the style of it so far! Best of luck to Zi-Xiao :)

  • Xander

    If anything I trust Zi-Xiao with weapons so I’m all for the GIANT BULLETS. If Scientology Pwned showed anything it’s that in a Top-down arena style shooter he could really nail the feel of weapons. This is looking great too, I can’t wait to see how it plays!

  • DrDerekDoctors

    Ooh, Splinter Source was one of my fave little games of a while ago so this gets me a bit hot and bothered in the pants. Lovely! :)

  • Toom

    Why would you hold the TIGERSauce. Why would you do that.

    It is the only sauce.

  • qnp

    This looks pretty cool and I’ve always liked Zi-Xiao’s pixel work.

    I’m loving the picture where the spy is in the shadows saying “ice cube”(?) to the soldier.

    On a side note, I wish TIGS would somehow, if possible, find out which engine people were making their stuff on :) That sort of stuff interests me too.

  • x

    OMFG Jerry’s famous! I hope it gets done this time, can’t wait to play it, Splinter Source was good but too short…

  • jonathan mak

    qnp: maybe “ice cube” means “freeze!” ?

    but i totally think “ice cube” is way cuter.

  • PHeMoX

    A lot of awesomeness in the screens already!

  • BeamSplashX

    Ice Cube = “Chill Out!”

    Hopefully it’s a longer game with a full campaign instead of another time-restricted level. The first SS was fun, but I’m not much for score attack arcade stealth platformers, I guess.

  • Lez

    WANT D:
    I cant wait to see this.

  • Redhades

    Oh shiiiii! I loved the original one.
    And this one looks just so polished.

  • John65

    What ever happened to this?