Blast Works Still in the Works

By: Derek Yu

On: February 12th, 2008

Blast Works

Blast Works, the Wii shoot ‘em up based Kenta Cho’s Tumiki Fighters, now has it’s own development blog on IGN. There’s only one entry so far, and it discusses the game’s built-in Shape (Ship) Editor.

People who were dubious of Kenta Cho’s connection to the game may be comforted somewhat by the fact that the blog discusses Tumiki Fighters and how the developers are building upon the basic concept (no pun intended). Overall, the game seems like it’s moving farther away from Tumiki Fighters (indeed, they’re rebuilding the engine from the ground up to support “unrestricted 3d environments”). I actually think this is a good thing. It feels more like its own game now, rather than an unnecessary upgrade.

Hit the jump for two gameplay videos (one of the editor and one showing some actual shooting).

Shape Editor:

Gameplay (featuring Mayor McCheese!):

(Video sources: Destructoid and Wiifanboy)

(Image source: IGN)

  • skaldicpoet9

    I am definitely going to have to rent this one when it comes out. I am still apprehensive about the game, as to if it will be as you have said a “unnecessary upgrade” or not. But it is looking more and more fleshed out every I hear something about it. This looks like it could be a pleasant surprise…

  • zzzdude

    Rent? isnt it free?