By: Derek Yu

On: February 14th, 2008


Yo, guys and gals… Bonesaw is here! This eagerly-anticipated platform game saw some delays this week as a few Multimedia Fusion-related bugbears creeped into the works last minute. Thankfully, these issues have been addressed. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here, would we!

The game, inspired in part by Nintendo’s Kirby series, combines fast-paced platform action with frantic beatings (and some occasional puzzle-solving). If you saw the trailer Shabadage posted earlier, you pretty much know what to expect: bombs ‘sploding, springs bouncin’, balls flyin’… monsters big and small getting pounded with fists as well as the mighty BONESAW. The fact that it stars a hockey player who’s going after an evil referee just makes it that much better.

This thing is fresh out of the oven right now, so get it while it’s hot!

And head over to the creator’s blog for some insight into the ideas behind the game.

EDIT: The soundtrack, by Josh Whelchel, is available from Josh’s site here.

  • FhnuZoag

    Any chance of an easy/cheat mode (Maybe, say, recharging health, keeping your weapon after death)? It’s sad, but that’ll probably be the only way skill-less people like me will get through to see most of the game.

  • HandCraftedRadio

    I really like this game, its a lot of fun. I didn’t really notice any problems with hitboxes being too small until trying to bounce those balls into the containers, which was very frustrating. Other than that I had a great time beating the first two sections and I’m looking forward to playing the rest.

  • Mosh

    I really enjoyed this in general. Like a couple of other people, the holding longer to jump longer thing didn’t seem to work so well for me, since it seemed to do the long/high jump almost everytime. The only other thing I noticed was some apostrophes missing from the dialogues but that’s nothing major.

  • MrBig

    Really enjoyed the action in this little gem. Definitely a cross between the old NES Kirby style and the MegaMan series run and Jump game-play (without the rock/paper/scissors weapons strategy – which is fine since that’s reserved for MegaMan), but that fast fun game-play is fond in my memories and something I definitely enjoyed and looked forward to in Bonesaw.

    Haven’t had any problems with the game and using a gamepad is definitely the way to go (Pinnacle Game Profiler works awesome as always!).

    The only aspect that I felt was a little weak was the Story given in the readme file. The intro is perfectly fine (it’s got classic action/platformer written all over it) but when I read the story to the game it felt a few miles away from the enjoyable game-play. In other words this is a compliment. The game is great. For whatever reason I just felt that if I hadn’t seen the game in action or view the screenshots the story wouldn’t have appealed to me enough to try the game. That’s only my opinion of the text found at the beginning of the readme though and not the actual game.

    The game itself looks and plays great!

    Thanks so much for making it!

  • WOW


  • Kenzya

    Yes, volume control and joystick support please. :)

  • chutup

    Actually the hitboxes don’t bother me any more. It adds more skill to the combat. What really annoys me is that sometimes the enemies can hit back at you while you’re combo-ing them. It’s completely counter-intuitive and feels like a cheap shot.
    Another problem is that you can exploit the flying kick. Since it can take you through the enemies, you can just fly-kick through them, back and forth until they die, and never even have a chance of getting hit. It sucks because it makes the awesome uppercut combo underpowered.
    Can I stress that despite these issues the game still kicks ass.

  • gameboy

    Right now, it’s got quirks, mostly the bad kind.

    You forgot to hide the mouse cursor on fullscreen. The top part is cut off for me and exiting the game is a puzzle.

  • Josh

    As far as I know, the exit game bit is a bug. It doesn’t happen for me, but as I can see it happens for others. It’s not something he had control of.

    If the music is whats bothering you, you can rename the folder “tracks” to something else to have the music muted.

    Hope you guys enjoy (:

  • Genisi


  • Munin

    Impossibly slow and sluggish on my computer – right from the start. Can’t play it like that. I guess MMF is to blame for it. Well…

  • MisterX

    Like already some guys said, you shouldn’t let the first impression fool you, but instead have some patience. Once you get a ccustomed to the fighting system it won’t be a problem anymore. It may still not be ideal, but Bonesaw definitely shouldn’t be called “flawed” because of that.

    I didn’t so far, yet, myself, for example I don’t know what the golden pucks are for and just got the boomerang-hockey stick (which is great!), but I really dig the game now :D It feels great playing it, especially the jumping is nice in my opinion. Not to forget about the whole presentation. Nicely retro graphics and awesome music (I really got to play The Spirit Engine again. I used to not care about music much, but with Josh’s soundtrack the experience just got be a lot better :D)
    So, take your time, it’s worth it!

  • Michael Walters

    This is nuts, beware if you are going to load this game. It messed up my resolution for 2 days! It put it in 320×225 or something, and there is no way to exit the game once loaded. This may be a bug with windows 7, but it was extremely annoying. Excuse me TIGSOURCE, I also am wondering if the links you are posting are safe? my computer seems to be running extremely slow ever since I started downloading games from this site?