Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet News

By: ithamore

On: February 16th, 2008

Some wonderful news on ITSP came out last month:

Our first round of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet demos is now completed and the reactions from all publishers were overwhelmingly positive. Not only was the esthetic of our game praised but everyone was amazed at the game play as well. Of course, our intention is not only to make a beautiful game but to create a memorable gaming experience. I’m glad this is coming through.

The demos mentioned in the quote were live demonstrations to publishers such as “Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft and a few others” (this list of publishers is from Michel Gagné’s December 1st post on his blog).

(Source: the2bears)

  • raelz

    woah this is like the sexiest game “coming soon” :P

  • muku

    *sound of jaw hitting floor*

    What *is* this? Never heard of it before, but whatever it is: win. Pure, epic win.

  • joola

    I guess the trailer wouldnt be the same with the music from gesundheit…

  • PHeMoX

    *WOW* !!

    That’s hot.

  • Ilia Chentsov

    Looks like Patapon in space.

  • rndll

    muku, you should visit Tigsource more, there was news of this game previously (also with a trailer) :-D
    Also, the second episode of Penumbra (Penumbra: Black Plague) is out. I’ve to download the demo :-p

  • Kein

    The demos mentioned in the quote were live demonstrations to publishers such as “Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft and a few others

    Pshhh…. Don’t call yourself indie then go to the corps.

    Game looks fantastic though, looking forward to it.

  • Coyote

    I dunno… if you make the game on your own nickel and then have it distributed by pubs, that’s indie enough by my standards. You are calling the shots – they can partner with YOU or not. Same deal with The Behemoth and all the indie games you later find at Wal*Mart and Best Buy.

    Difference is when the pubs “fund” it, and then tell YOU what to make or how to change it.

  • Zeno

    Looks awesome. I need this now.

  • Space Ranger

    Yeah, looks great and really well made and animated, but how long will it be until using mainly black silhouettes becomes a completely cliché style? Not long, I don’t think.

  • fubble feeble booble

    The music fitted the mood perfectly, and the game itself… looks like a slice of the perfect form of gaming fallen down to us from the sky :D!

  • Andersonger

    That was sexy! Can’t exactly make out how it plays, but it looks interesting.
    And Ilia, “Patapon in space” was my first thought as well :)

    I hope that Sony was impressed, I’d LOVE to have this on my PSP!

  • JrSquee

    I had seen this last time it was posted here and thought the art was cool, but now that I’ve seen the trailer: awesome. Pure, distilled awesome.

    I really hope that it isn’t overshadowed/confused with Papapon though. ‘Cause that would be a real shame.