GDC: Second Night

By: Derek Yu

On: February 17th, 2008


Petri Purho, Alec Holowka, Mark Johns

Achievement Unlocked: Petri Purho popped the perfect monocle.

Achievement Unlocked: I taught Phil Fish how to make a S’more.

Achievement Unlocked: We got an owl.

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  • Kinten

    This is truly impressive! Cool that Petri is there! He surely knows how to wear his monocle!
    You rock!

  • Stefano

    Lol! Now this officially makes me want to attend to the next GDC and hang around with you guys. The new owl (Reminded me of that stuffed dog from “Scrubs”), the look of “Mr. Peanut” on everybody’s faces, cool indie games on display… everything just friggin’ priceless.

  • Ilia Chentsov

    I should go out more.

  • Cow

    Mark Johns looks pretty steampunk in this photo. D:

  • fish

    illa: no, you should only go out once a year. last night.

    cow: yes. and his robot arm wasnt even in the shot.

    thanks for having us all, D.
    cool flat.

  • BMcC

    Well, you guys had better be back over tonight — Ivan, Adam, and Tommy are comin’ to town! And Matt and Steve will probably actually really show up.

    There will be S’mores.

  • Trotim

    Oh, I’m actually wondering, are all of you guys American? Or English? Or one of these?

  • Al King

    North Americans, mainly, aside from the crazy Northern European types.

  • fish

    i belong to no country!

  • Bob

    Is that an Apocalyptica T-shirt?

    Because, as everyone knows, Apocalyptica is awesome.

  • ultim8p00


  • BeamSplashX

    Oh man, it’s MARK JOHNS…

    by Mark Johns. Starring Mark Johns as Mark Johns. Voice of Mark Johns played by Mark Johns.

    Petri and Alec are cool, too.