IGF / GDCA Winners!

By: Derek Yu

On: February 21st, 2008


We’ll probably write about it more in depth later, but I wanted to mention that the indie spirit really dominated the awards this year. Not only did monocle-fever hit the stage (including a mention from Gabe Newell in his haiku homage to Phil Fish), but this was the first year that independent developers were eligible for GDCA awards. And Portal, of course, had its start as an independent title, and ended up taking home Game of the Year. Great stuff, guys.

Student Showcase Winner: Synaesthete

Technical Excellence: World of Goo

Innovation Award: World of Goo

Excellence in Visual Art: Fez

Excellence in Audio: Audiosurf

Best Web Game: Iron Dukes

Seumas McNally Grand Prize: Crayon Physics Deluxe

Audience Award: Audiosurf

Gleemies: Quadradius (Bronze), Skyrates (Silver), Desktop Tower Defense (Gold)

GDCA Best Downloadable Game: flOw

(Image Source: Joystiq)

  • goldbuick

    first post

  • haowan

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Al King

    /me applauds

    Congrats to everyone!

  • http://www.oxeyegames.com jeb

    Wow, that IS surprising! Congrats!

    But what happened to the audience award?

  • Mr.Trianglehead

    Go Fish!!! Bringin’ home the art award.

  • Ogmobot

    Surprised me a bit!

    I’d also like to commend my congratulations to the winners :)

  • Al King

    jeb, the audience award also went to Audiosurf.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    no way, World of Goo is the best

  • Jimbob


    Some great games to win, and some great games to not :S

  • Bezzy

    Hey congrats winners! Commiserations everyone else :(

  • Xander

    Any chance of a video like last year? More marriage proposals please!

    Sorry for those that didn’t win, and no Goo or Noitu Love sadly but there’s always another day and another IGF! Congratulations to everyone anyways, especially to the Fez crew, it seems to be going down a treat.

    Still don’t get what the fuss about Flow is though. I need that explaining to me at some point.

  • PHeMoX

    Congratulations everyone!

  • Tantan

    Congrats to Petri and everyone else! Great job everyone!

  • I should settle on a name

    I’d have accepted Goo, Audiosurf or the physics game to win. And everything turned out right. At least them games attempted to bring something new to our dry table.

  • Nikica

    Congratulations to Petri and Kokoromi too.

  • Dom Camus

    A few surprises there – I would’ve put money on Fez for design innovation. That’s not a criticism of World of Goo, it’s just that for me Fez is at a once-in-a-decade level of design brilliance.

    Congrats to all the award winners. I shall be saving up $$$ to get my own shiny copies. And a monocle.

  • Akhel

    Congratulations, guys. :)

  • Lim-Dul

    I’m very happy with the awards – they have been distributed evenly between my favorites (except for Synaesthete, which I didn’t quite like, although I still think that it’s a brilliant game).

    A small surprise here is the Grand Prize for Crayon Physics – I thought it might win in other categories instead.

    In the end I think that ALL finalists deserve LOTS of attention and I will surely play them and even buy most of them if they turn commercial.

  • BeamSplashX

    Congratulations to anyone that participated at all! You’re all winners! Winners don’t do drugs!


  • MisterX

    I really didn’t expect Crayon Physics Deluxe to win the big prize, but at least that also raises my anticipation for it :D Also I totally believe in Tower of Goo deserving the prize for innovation, but I guess we’re yet to see what it got awarded for, as the original game may be fun for a while, but only that short while :)
    Anyway, I guess all chosen finalists are truly shining examples of the great independent developments and why it is truly a treat to have all the developers around.

    Oh, and I also hope for a video of the awards. Any information on that? :)

  • skaldicpoet9

    Awesome! Much kudos to Phil and Petri.

  • Jad

    Dom Camus: “it’s just that for me Fez is at a once-in-a-decade level of design brilliance.”

    For me it’s like this:

    It’s just that for me Fez har a once-in-a-decade design of level brilliance (:

  • Zeno

    Excellence in Audio to Audiosurf? Isn’t that, like, cheating?

    What if I play only really bad music? WHAT THEN?

    Lawl, I kid, I kid. Overall, the results weren’t that surprising to me. Good job, you indie game developers.

  • Anonymous

    “…it’s just that for me Fez is at a once-in-a-decade level of design brilliance.”


    “…it’s just that for me Fez is at a THRICE-in-a-decade level of design brilliance. first Crush on PSP, then Super Paper Mario, and now this!”

  • PHeMoX

    “Excellence in Audio to Audiosurf? Isn’t that, like, cheating?

    What if I play only really bad music? WHAT THEN?”

    Well, unless you think your own music taste is extremely bad and you listen to your music involuntarily, I don’t see how any other music could beat the music style you like yourself anyways, right? :p

  • DragonSix

    I feel Konjak would’ve won with Chalk instead of Noitu Love 2 x[]

  • Uniqueness

    It’s just a shame that Crush wasn’t too good and Super Paper Mario didn’t abuse it’s gameplay too much. Fez looks to abuse it and I like that. Just looks a lot more fun and fluid.

    Agree with Audiosurf on sound. I’ve never had the chance to “play on” my music before. That wins for me. Thanks Audiosurf. Thaudiosurf.

  • Dusty Spur

    Congrats to all the winners (especially Fish and Petri)!

    And as long as we’re discussing Fez, the way the view-switching mechanic was (ab)used in that last trailer is really making me excited.

  • xvs07

    By the by, the link to Crayon Physics Deluxe is pointing the wrong way (to the Crayon Physics prototype) and not to here ( http://www.kloonigames.com/crayon/ ) where it ought to.

  • http://www.shotbeakgames.za.net/niche Tr00jg

    Congrats guys!

  • Derek

    Thanks, xvs07, I fixed it. :)

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    I know I’ve done this, like, a million times in person, but CONGRATULATIONS!

    You all rule.