Indie XBLA Release… Vagueries

By: Derek Yu

On: February 22nd, 2008


Braid, by Jonathan Blow, is slated for a Spring release.


Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, by Hothead Studios, is slated for a Spring release. Be sure to check out the three gameplay trailers from January, if you haven’t already.


Castle Crashers, by The Behemoth, is slated for a Summer release.

This information was revealed in a Microsoft press release following their keynote. It’s really more of an excuse to post more screenshots. I want to play all of these games very badly.

(Sources: Kotaku, Blog)

  • Julius

    A game based on the shittiest webcomic ever… sounds like a lot of fun

  • Lorne Whiting

    Obviously, Julius, you have not read a lot of webcomics, because most comics about gaming are so damn horrible they make PA look like heaven.

  • tim

    comics about games are just as good as movies about games.

  • Julius

    As a fact Lorne Whiting, 99.9% of all gaming webcomics are pure shit.

  • Lorne Whiting

    00.1% seems too high. :u

  • Zeno

    I get sad when a regular webcomic so much as mentions vidyagames.

    But seriously, the PA game makes me want to cry with the extreme amount of pure failure being radiated from it.

  • Fishy Boy

    Castle Crashers = Hooray!

  • kloi

    i wants these for pc.
    as great as they look, they dont look go buy a 360 great.

  • Adamsk

    I’m not the biggest fan of Penny Arcade, but just the fact you can create your own character and it appears in their 2D style is worth a couple of points in my book.

    And seconding the Hooray for Castle Crashers. It seems like that game’s been coming out forever.

  • Alan Gordon

    Braid looks damn pretty.

  • Allifama

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that racist piece of equipment.