The 1UP Show, Featuring Phil Fish

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: February 22nd, 2008

Here is an indie-centric episode of The 1UP Show, featuring an interview with the ever awesome Phil Fish — now an IGF winner at long last.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending some time with a few of the 1UP folks since I’ve been here and, I gotta say, it feels good knowing there are people who “get” indie games within the mainstream press. (Also, they’re pretty cool to hang out with.)

FUN FACT: Cactus is older than I am.

  • BMcC

    WARNING: This may take a lifetime to buffer.

  • Fishy Boy

    Unsurprisingly, japanese developers know their stuff.

  • TakaM

    warm happy place :D

  • HandCraftedRadio

    Why does always load like a piece of garbage?

  • Akhel

    I love indie.
    I don’t love cube of meat.

  • MrBig

    I think these guys basically said it all… Indie is great and is becoming GREATER.

    While Microsoft is still the greedy fucking necrophiliac sodomizers and Halo pumping pedaphile hermaphrodites looking for more and more ways to spread and expand their greed… I mean wealth… I mean innovation… yeah, that’s it ;-P

    Cliff Bleszinski is still the “coolest fuckin game developer”… in his own mind.


    If Nintendo was a human being, he/she would be a ninja (of course).

    Great to see so much focus, innovation, creativity, and love of gaming coming from the Indie “scene”.

    Can’t wait to try out that Bionic Commando Rearmed though! If a game is going to be remade this is how it shall be done (The 11th commandment!) Balls (or Bionic extremities) to the wall!

  • Hithere

    “greedy fucking necrophiliac sodomizers”

    “Can’t wait to try out that Bionic Commando Rearmed though!”

  • Pita

    Ahhh, this won’t load at all for me. Phooey.

  • I Like Cake

    I always wondered why all the vegetarians are on the side of indie gaming.

    Now I know it is because of meatcube.

  • Dusty Spur

    Haha, I love the cactus interview.

    “And how do you pronounce your name? Jonatan… Soderstrom?”

    “Yeah, that’s… fine.”

    “Close enough.”

  • idiotmeat

    epic cube of meat!

    now with 100% jiggly shininess!

  • MisterX

    I just wondered about that being all of the interview they’ve shown. Highly interesting segment, though!

    Seriously a nice episode. It’s sweet to see a big site like 1UP care so much for indie gaming. Apparently the growing IGF is an immensely great support for “spreading the word”, as apparently at least the 1UP crew really wasn’t that aware of indie gaming beforehand.

    Just recently I’ve read about how sad it is that so many great less-mainstream games like Sacrifice weren’t and still aren’t successful and that this is why we won’t see such games anymore in the future. Apparently the author was not aware of the “Indies”. It sure looks like the future of gaming is going to be a bright, shining one!

  • JP

    MeatCube is so last-gen, it’s all about the Nintendo Miit now (which is actually a delicious soy / mycoprotein blend!)

  • BMcC

    Haha, I love how they call Cactus a “kid.”

  • I Like Cake

    How old is Cactus? He looks like a young’un.

  • JP

    > How old is Cactus? He looks like a young’un.

    I asked the same question, he’s like 26 or something. He just has that “boy genius” look.

  • fish

    the 1-up guys are just so fucking legit.
    i partied with them plenty and tehse guys feel the love.

    my interview lasted like AN HOUR.
    (best interview ive ever given BTW).
    the guys were a little bit scared at the idea of editing almost 10 hours of indie interviews.

    i know theyre gonna edit them and release them at some point. theyre working on something. something indie.

  • GEEQ

    phil fish is so up to something! :D

  • Ryan O’Donnell

    For the record, I’m 28, and I’m also a kid. :)