N+ Launch Trailer

By: Brandon McCartin (BMcC)

On: February 24th, 2008

Here is the final trailer for N+, which is out now on Xbox LIVE Arcade (as Raigan would not let us forget). In the words of Jon Mak, “If you don’t buy N+… you’re not indie.”

But indie cred aside, it looks to be great and chock full of wonderful content. Check it out at the very least!

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Raigan, you were pretty shamelessly promoting N+ at GDC, man… but I can understand how exciting it must be for you. Congrats on the launch! Can’t wait to see Robotology (or whatever else you guys decide to do next) in motion.

  • Kvalsternacka

    Looks sweet as candy pie. I’m a big fan of the “old one”. Would definitely buy this if I owned a 360 :|

  • josh g.

    I would totally buy this if I wasn’t too indie to own (read as: afford) a 360.

  • I should settle on a name

    Lets use some more N+ news.

    P.S. I love cock-snorkeling.

  • Austin

    Looks awesome. Weren’t they going to release a version for the Nintendo DS?

  • raigan

    not shamelessly enough.. we ended up having about 5000 extra flyers to lug home!

  • Zaphos

    Austin: Yep; DS version is … next month, I think.

  • TeamQuiggan

    Shoot, I need to clear out some money on my credit card!

  • crackers

    I choose not to buy N+ and remain an amateur.

  • Sabreman

    It’s really great. I dabbled in the PC version a bit, but this one has completely sucked me in. It has that perfect feeling of control that a great platformer needs. Well worth the points.

  • http://www.tscreativenet BMcC

    @raigan: Oh man, I didn’t even get one of those. :/

  • Advenith

    The only system I have that it’s coming to is PSP…

    God damn, I’m like a video game hobo. Nintendo controller as my sandwich and my college as my box.

    N+ will be my whiskey.

  • I Like Cake

    DS, eh? Count me in!

  • Bobo

    Is my indie-cred intact if I hold out for the DS version? I think N would make the perfect portable game… as long as they can pull it off on the itty-bitty screen.

  • zomgzomgzomg

    Love the XBLA version, although sometime I get the feeling the jump button is not responsive enough. Or maybe I just suck.

  • http://0xdeadc0de.org Eclipse

    I love the simplicity of that game, it also reminds me a bit Impossible Mission on c64, shame that a very big part of indie gamers are not next-gen consoles owners.
    Do a gp2x version and i’ll buy it for sure :P
    Gp2x also have a 100% nerd and retrogamers community because it’s mainly a console for indie games and emulation so could be a nice place were to sell a bunch of copies

  • Sergio

    I’m so indie I don’t NEED to buy this to be indie.

  • mainstream man

    It doesn’t look as good as Crysis.

  • Mike Hawk

    ““If you don’t buy N+… you’re not indie.””

    Good thing that the indie scene in gaming is as retarded and self righteous as the indie scene in music and film. I was worried that it might not have any street cred yet.

  • David

    I have to wait until I get a job. Damn that student budget and expensive PC upgrades. =X

  • Zeno

    I could buy this, or I could just continue to be content with the completely free PC version. Even without the “+”.

  • Stij



    “““If you don’t buy N+… you’re not indie.””

    Good thing that the indie scene in gaming is as retarded and self righteous as the indie scene in music and film. I was worried that it might not have any street cred yet.

    Protip: whenever someone is talking about being “more indie” or “indier then thou” they’re most likely being sarcastic. At least around here.

  • Stij

    (that’s a quote from some guy called Mike Hawk from farther up on the page, didn’t really make myself clear)

  • Trotim

    Cave Story rip-off.

  • Data

    Huge props to Nick for his effort on +! Amazing music; I nominate this for best indie game trailer 2008.

  • http://www.tscreative.net BMcC

    Stij is correct. Mike is confused.

  • Nharox

    I only play indie games on my pc.

    So N+ for PC plskthx.

  • Muhammed

    Damn, if i only had a Xbox360!
    Too bad i only own a PC and a PS3. PSN version anyone? Oo

  • gary

    every game is a cavestory ripoff, everyone.
    including halo

  • Adam Atomic

    cave story is a diamond rider ripoff

  • Dusty Spur

    I don’t own N+, though I played the demo and loved it, and I love the original version. Can I still be semi-indie?

  • Zeke129

    Any chance of bringing this to the Playstation Network? It worked out well for flOw…

  • Joseph

    GODAMMIT I WANT THIS GAME!!@#$%! but I just got a ps3 so FUUUUUUUUUUUCK

  • Joseph

    oh and jesus is a ripoff of cavestory…

  • Joseph

    Oh SHEEET multiplayer and the new NED looks tizight :O

  • zomgzomgzomg

    Pong is a Cave Story ripoff.