GDC: Game Developers Rant

By: Derek Yu

On: February 27th, 2008


The Game Developers Rant has become somewhat notorious over the years, what with Greg Costikyan’s infamous 2005 rant that started him on the rocky road toward Manifesto Games, and Chris Hecker’s inflammatory “”">the Wii is a piece of shit" comment in 2007. When people go see the rant, they expect blood to be spilled.

But man, leave it to Jon Mak to buck tradition. This year, attendees got a surprise, when Jon, instead of ranting, cranked up some electronica and ran down the aisles, throwing balloons into the air. The balloons, which were covered with cryptic messages, were batted about by the audience. Eventually, Kim Swift (Narbacular Drop / Portal) was ushered to the podium by Mak and was asked to scream as loud as she could (!). Which she did.

Be sure to check out citizenmike’s blog post for a more detailed rundown of Jon’s presentation, and head here ( for a recap of the Rant as a whole. And Sean “th1s” Chan has provided some video of the balloon orgy in question:

(Source: Tim!, via IndieGames Blog)

  • GirlFlash

    this makes me happy to be alive ^_^

  • Trotim

    “Why is my camera not flashing?” XD

  • Melly

    It was the fact that TIGS was there. The awesomeness spilled everywhere, probably all over Mak as well.

  • jonathan mak

    btw, thanks to pekko, shawn, sean, sam roberts for helping out. it was a collaborative effort!

    and yes, the awesome was spilled. and i haven’t showered yet.

  • PoV


  • Zmann

    Jonathan Mak, I love you.

  • Lila Chestnut

    Can’t wait for next year’s session: “Jon Mak Shits on Your Face”

  • Mekanik

    I scream as loud as I can.. every day..