By: Derek Yu

On: March 19th, 2008


Amanita Design, the creators of Samorost and Samorost 2, have released a new project, made for the BBC. Questionaut is a beautiful quiz game with some adventure and puzzle elements to it. The questions, which cover topics ranging from writing to math to science, are aimed at 11 year-olds, so they’re a bit on the easy side… but the entire production is so lovely that it doesn’t really matter.

And they’re still working on Machinarium, which is due at the end of 2008 but really couldn’t come fast enough!

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  • El Vaquero

    that screenshot looks like a giant sack of balls
    i’m interested, but not for that reason…

  • King-n

    Shallow, yet pretty. Though I’m probably not the target audience.

  • El Vaquero

    Extremely pretty. played through the entire thing
    SPOILER: your friend is a dick and chooses to save his hat before you. and he never thanks you.
    this provided me with the proper motivation to actually go and play samorost to the end!

  • gulo gulo

    god DAMN this game is beautiful. the grammar level was so brilliantly executed.

  • muku

    How could one not utterly adore the art design of these games.

  • GirlFlash

    the level on grammer was awesome, Its totally motivated me to get on with my text game :D

    also, this beats the crap out of the bbc bitesize stuff I used when I was taking those exams <3

  • BaronCid

    The audio-visual side is absolutely brilliant. :)
    Too bad we haven’t got more games other than adventures with that style. (is that even possible?)

  • Trotim

    A bit on the easy side? I got two questions wrong… >_>

  • gameboy

    Easy side? You must be an advanced 11-year-old.