By: Derek Yu

On: March 20th, 2008


FLaiL, the latest masterpiece from An Untitled Story creator YMM (YoMamasMama), is another punishing platformer that has you leaping, flying, and dodging those terrible, ubiquitous spikes. The silky controls and inspired level design make this pretty much a must-have for anyone who gets a kick out of N, Ninjah, or messhof’s Flywrench. You will need some serious eggs to make it through all of this game’s 80 levels.

To top it off, the game includes lots of extras, like “meticulous statistics tracking”, a level editor, and other unlockables. The best part is this, though: two-player co-op, as well as the option for a third to jump in on the mouse at any time and drop bombs to fuck up the other players! Yay, YMM!

  • Derek

    Be sure to try turning on “Death Markers” in the “Game Settings” menu for x-tra laffs!

  • Stij

    I loved An Untitled Story, so this should be fun. :D I’ll try it later today.

  • raigan

    awesome! this makes me wish we had been able to implement “persistant corpses” in N+ :(

  • Jon

    For some reason the the file says its corrupted after I download it….

  • http://26k.org/dev/zero lowpoly

    really great game, profile and stats are a nice touch and a constant reminder of how much I suck at it.

  • Trotim

    Can’t say I like it too much… too hard for me and the editor isn’t as sophisticated as it could’ve been.

    There’s also no music playing, anyone else has that problem?

  • MrBig

    Fun little games like this make me wonder…

    For all the crap that’s coming out on the Xbox 360’s XBLA (aside from Braid, Castle Crashers, and The Dishwasher) why can’t we get some of these cool games??? I’d love to be able to play something like this, or Knytt Stories, Within a Deep Forest, Shotgun Ninja, Katakijin, Bonesaw or even Trilby: Art of Theft on XBLA. I’d get the attention of these developers and ask them if they wouldn’t mind if I put these games up on Xbox Live for free (meaning nobody makes profit) and keep them as freeware. This would A) Help promote Microsoft and XBLA and show that they are community oriented, and B) Give the developers some well deserved exposure! Great little games like this would attract a lot of attention, especially now that Nintendo is starting to attract so much attention from developers of games like these (and so much more). The guys behind Microsoft and the Xbox 360 have the nerve to allow a re-release of Missle Command that doesn’t even involve any missles in the upgraded version (among other craptacular games that have been released over the passed two and a half years) and yet they don’t have the vision or foresight to see that games like this would be greatly appreciate by most. (You can’t please everyone, especially a Halo 3 stoner fanboy).

    I’m glad N+ hit XBLA, it’s just sad that there aren’t more unique games offered through the shoddy service. 90% of the other games up for grabs are pure shyte.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    Nice little game though. :-)

  • Skofo

    Boo, Vista incompatible.

  • Tantan

    It worked perfectly for me…
    That would be the most hilariously awesome thing ever. Imagine entire levels filling up with corpses…

  • ChevyRay

    Should be Vista compatible, are you sure there isn’t something else wrong Skofo?

    If you’re getting an error, or something else is wrong, just email YMM and let him know so he can possibly fix it.

  • Adam Atomic

    This game is F’ing awesome. 5-1 is giving me hell, but I conquered the crap out of 5-2. Thanks for the great game, YMM!

  • MrBig


    Go to properties and make sure you give it administrator rights.

    Don’t know if this’ll work because I have a better OS – WinXP…

    But, this seems to be the most common problem/solution with getting games to run under Vista (aside from DirectX10 issues).

  • Kvalsternacka

    8-10 now… and god fucking damnit… that level is harder than a lot of levels combined. I’ve spent like 50 deaths trying to get past the second deflector ball and I’m happy if I even get that far in the first place.

  • PHeMoX

    *I put these games up on Xbox Live for free (meaning nobody makes profit)*

    @MrBig: As much as I like the idea, it might not be as feasible as one would think. Apparently there’s a whole bunch of extra things Microsoft wants developers to add to their game so it won’t conflict with Xbox features, processes and for example unexpected behavior from users (like unplugging a controller or deactivating a internet connection) and so on. I imagine it takes a lot of time adding those extra things, even for a “simple” game.

    Again though, I really like the idea.

  • Skofo

    Yeah, I completely forgot to try running it as an Administrator. Pretty fun game so far as far as 2-8.

  • MindSnap

    I love it. The movement feels quite like Ninjah, and the levels are very well thought out.

  • Lim-Dul

    I managed to beat the game but I almost smashed my pad – yes I used a pad. This is probably more difficult than I Wanna Be the Guy!

    Silky controls? Ehm – am I the only one who’s getting weird acceleration on the jumps so that I’m constantly overshooting? For me the controls were absolutely HORRIBLE and probably the most challenging thing about the game. ;-)

  • MindSnap

    Maybe the controls are a bit TOO silky.

  • EvilDrBin

    Loads of fun :) Thank you.

    Certain levels I’ve thought “oh fuck off!” but then been able to do it quite easily. I bet I’m 100x better at platform games now, just for playing this game!

  • anti-fun

    I really don’t see how 5-4 is possible at all. I can’t figure out what to do after the 4th gravity switch. Anyone?

  • Kvalsternacka

    YMM never explains it, but if you hold the jump button down when picking a gravity switch, the gravity won’t switch as fast.

  • anti-fun

    Awesome, thanks!