By: Derek Yu

On: March 22nd, 2008

In a world… of gentlemen…

When filthy pigeons plague the city…

One owl will rise to the challenge…

To take back the night sky with fury and malevolence.

Will that owl be you?


Owl Country


Ivan “toastie” Safrin
Mark “Golds” Johns (Doomlaser)
Alec “Alec” Holowka (Bit Blot)


Adam “AdamAtomic” Saltsman (Homepage)
Mark Johns
Ivan Safrin
Kevin “Greater Beast” Coulton


Alec Holowka


Owl – Tommy “Tommunism” Refenes (Pillowfort)

Narrator – Phil Fish (Kokoromi/Polytron)

Gentlemen – Brandon “BMcC” McCartin, Ivan Safrin, Adam Saltsman, Tommy Refenes, Mike Lee

Combos – Mark Johns

Misc. Owl – Steve Swink (Flashbang)

  • GirlFlash

    the word epic just doesent do this justice, I declare this game: epidabulariffic!

    …I keel you!!!!

  • TheTrav

    that’s a rockin trailer, convinced me to download the game

  • Ogmobot


  • Paul Eres

    One of the best indie game trailers ever (up there with Zoo Race and Barkley: Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden).

  • Fishy Boy

    Really slow, and the gameplay isn’t fun. Everything else is good. I personally think this would work better as a shmup of some sort, instead of the current madness it is now.

  • shinygerbil

    you just don’t get it.


    it is madness.

  • Alec

    Fishy Boy: Learn how to play it.

  • Golds

    it starts off slow, but builds. the controls have a… learning curve. the swoop em up is a new genre.

  • Alec

    Also, please note that Owl Country is not a “game”.

    Its an “Interactive Experience”.

    Do not attempt to trivialize our masterwork.

  • Cow

    Runs crazy slow on my computer. And I was all ready to hail it as a masterpiece of modern interactive experiences. :(

  • toastie

    It’s next gen and as such, you need a 3d card.

  • Guesst

    how does this happen? I’ve been on several message boards but never have I seen the community built up with such… accessories like I have on the tigsource forums. The monocle, the owl, and now the pigeons. Can a single individual be credited with this or did it literally “just happen?”

    One down side to this community’s unique esprit d’corps is it does make it hard for a newbie/lurker/what-have-you to feel like they can jump right in. On the plus side, tho, it’s a lot of fun.

  • Sic Jake

    Epic presentation. Truly if God were to decend from the heavens he surely would sport a monocle, and should pigeons poop on said eyewear why by justice would our Lord not smite with the grand vengence only possible thru OWL?!

    I THINK SO!!

  • Nikica

    No Country for old Pigeons !!!

  • bateleur

    One down side to this community’s unique esprit d’corps is it does make it hard for a newbie/lurker/what-have-you to feel like they can jump right in.

    I think all that’s needed is a simple FAQ.

    TIGFAQ v0.1

    Q: Are monocles awesome?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Are owls awesome?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Are dinosaurs awesome?
    A: Yes.
    Q: What about other awesome stuff? Is that awesome?
    A: Yes.
    Q: What about pigeons?
    A: Not so much, no.

  • Gr.Viper

    You forgot Tiger Sauce…

  • Fishy Boy

    All the people arguing that I’m a fool because I just “don’t get it” are having the same ridiculous mentality of any console fanboy. I think the game itself is not very good, but the assets (art, writing, sound) are done very well. I’m sorry if liking good gameplay is wrong, but that’s how I feel.

    Perhaps my computer isn’t doing it justice, since it feels like the frame rate was halved. Some graphics options would help.

  • Alec

    The comments about you just not getting it are jokes, btw. ;)

  • Fishy Boy

    I don’t know, TIGSource can get pretty fervent when it wants to.

    I still think graphics options would be nice.

  • Golds

    fishy, you have a valid complaint. i think the controls and gameplay are unintuitive to the beginner. But I also think that once you get how it works works, it’s a really fun little jaunt.

    But the point of the game to me was more the spirit of working with other TIGers, and trying to make something cool together in a short timespan. and in that it was a success. and i hope some of everyone’s talents shine through….

    don’t hold owl country to a higher standard than diamond rider ;)

  • cactus

    I beat it. I think… Only 95 kills, though. I was impressed by the presentation, the music and graphics really go well together! And the gameplay was cool too :)

  • aeiowu

    awesome job guys. this rocks

  • Will Vale

    I like the idea of swooping, but I found the swoop controls a bit weird – maybe I was expecting something a bit more analogue?

    Anyway, great presentation and I’m impressed that you’ve managed to make an in-joke game that’s still funny for those of us on the outside. Congrats on supporting the ‘occasional commenter’ market!

    My one real gripe is that you need some real British v/o talent. Or maybe I should just acknowledge that it’s possible for gentlemen to hail from other nations…

  • Golds

    OC takes place in Montral so the accents make no sense, just like real life :)

  • jenn(atar)

    Priceless. Once I mastered my swoop, I was hooked. I was that owl, filled with the boiling blood of a feathery night hunter.

    That fog was MAD DASTARDLY, though.

    Speaking of monocles, I was google-image-searching pince-nez for fun, and it was really lucrative.

  • chrisk

    Interesting art style.

  • Melly

    TIGS is the kind of place that allows for a lot in inside jokes to pop out, yes, and I agree that a FAQ would help the newbs, but for the most part the community is very friendly (as long as you’re friendly yourself and follow the simple rules) and it’s easy to get into the hang of things. If you have doubt about something just pop a question and a thread link should quickly be available to answer all your doubts.

  • greg

    Game is great but high score is reset after you quit