Jetpack Brontosaurus: Coming Soon

By: Derek Yu

On: March 27th, 2008

Some alpha footage of the game in question. Click here for the HD version!

Jetpack Brontosaurus is planning on jetpacking its way into your hearts at the end of April.

  • Fishy Boy

    X Ray jetpack is pretty cool. Wonder what they’re going to do with it?

  • moi

    fuck shaders. seriously.

  • Matthew

    moi: Right on! Let’s stick with a fixed-function pipeline and just push lit polys on screen, just as God intended.

    (Also, just uploaded a version with music, so sorry if is seeing the Vimeo “please wait” message)

  • Ben

    yes for the x-ray jetpack.
    yes for the helmet.

  • Zaphos

    “fuck shaders”? Wha? Where did that come from?

    Anyway, this video leaves me confused, but intrigued!

  • Jasper Byrne

    Not convinced at the moment, but maybe some actual gameplay footage might change my mind.

  • Sifu Peng

    Ah… graceful, floaty, and sometimes transparent. The Apatosaurus named Brontosaurus is the most beautiful creature on earth.

  • moi

    respect my sexuality

  • Data

    That blows my mind. The insane skeletal shit has adam mechtley written all over it.

    Already exceeding my expectations!

  • Data

    I just caught myself thinking critically about how the jetpack is set up: “There’s no air intakes! The jet turbines are backwards! The particles would be flying out much faster!”…

    Then I realized I was pointing out these minor nonsensical things after having already accepted the bike helmeted dinosaur dreaming about flying in space.
    That’s when i started laughing.

  • Ben Follington

    The music’s from This Binary Universe isn’t it?

    And looks like another dinosaur based hit!

  • Matthew

    The music is *The Flashbulb – Warm Hands in Cold Fog*, from Soundtrack To A Vacant Life (if you’re bored look up the controversy Benn stirred up by uploading his own album to various torrent trackers).

  • jeiky pimentel

    wow i knew it was going to have dinosaurs and jetpacks but i didn’t know it was going to have x-rays and IDM which are the two things that i require from any videogame i play except for a few very obscure arcade games that have dinosaurs and jetpacks and additionally they have surfing so i thought this would be one of those but bam(!) no surfing only x-rays and IDM, so i guess it is still going to be pretty cool; awesome!

  • Gorman

    that was very very classy

  • AdamRobo

    This is just one more reason indie games are the only games worth playing anymore.

  • Mr. Small

    Show me a man who says “Fuck shaders.”, and I’ll show you a man who doesn’t know how to properly use shaders.

  • GirlFlash

    this game is looking sweet.

    and Mr. Small is right, shaders are beautiful, but big and scary… much like an apatosaurus :D

  • Cas

    sweet looking it may be but massively overhyped here on TIGS. I’ll put it in the pile with Dwarf Fortress, anything Owl related, and Cortex Command. Does any actual real news happen around here any more?

  • Cas

    Whoops, there’s me moaning again. Go Brontosaurus go! Fly my pretties! etc

  • bateleur

    Cas wrote:
    Whoops, there’s me moaning again.

    Didn’t look much like an accident to me.

    Besides, how can you tell if a game is overhyped before you’ve played it? If you look at the demo and it doesn’t enthuse you then fair enough, but if other people are excited by it then what’s to say they won’t enjoy the finished game just as much?

    For me personally this demo is worthwhile on two levels. First, the technical side is at an impressively high standard. Second, the visual and thematic style appeals to me. Is my enthusiasm therefore naive or misplaced in some way? I don’t think so.

  • the pimp

    That’s because you’re not part of the gang cas. Where were you at GDC huh? *…slahes throat…*

  • sinoth

    Even if this ends up being nothing more than a toy game in which you can gracefully glide around, I’ll be happy. There’s something about controlling awkward objects in flight that I really enjoy. (Shrike from Tribes2 anyone?)

  • Cas

    Sorry, I was just being a wanker (and apologies specifically to Derek)

    Maybe overhyped is not quite the right word… perhaps overexposed is more like it, softer. We’ve already had news items on all these games now – all well and good, but time to put them to rest and wait until they’re finished and become real news again, and in the meantime put up some different news for a change perhaps?

  • haowan

    If you want broad news coverage (with a “slight” cactus bias) instead of personally-picked news coverage, visit Tim’s blog instead :)

  • ZeppMan217


  • FireSword

    To boldly go where no brontosaurus have gone before… lol

  • Tin

    @haowan: What “cactus bias”?

  • haowan

    Well, he gets a lot of space on there – I didn’t mean to suggest that it wasn’t deserved or anything. After all, he does put out a hell of a lot of good material.

  • Rin Tin Tin


  • Anarkex

    When this was first coming out, I thought it was too good to be true. I can hardly believe it’s actually going to be real. Looks freaking awesome.

  • Ted Martens

    Awesome guys! It’s looking great. I’m excited.

  • I Like Cake

    Just another example of TIGS putting up things they like instead of things I like. Why isn’t there a news source out there dedicated to reading my mind and doing only what I want?

    Seriously, though: I’m excited about flying dinosaurs.

  • risujin

    Shader effects are gorgeous!! But where’s the gameplay?

  • Tantan

    Why is Flashbang so fucking awesome?

    Also, I want a Velociraptor Safari T-Shirt. :(

  • Lolfo

    Too soon.

  • PHeMoX

    There’s no gameplay yet, but as Velociraptor Safiri turned out awesome, I’ve got my hopes up for this one. :)

  • MrBig

    PHeMoX, this still won’t be as good as the upcoming Stegosaurus: Testicle Toss X-Game Olympics. When that comes out it’s going to blow everyones mind!

  • PHeMoX

    True that, I bet it will! Literally! :D

  • Neon

    Looks nice, but please, spare the lag this time. :( That was the only time a dino broke my heart.

  • Matthew

    Neon: Have you tried Safari recently? It was heavily optimized in the weeks following launch…

  • Data

    If anything is ‘overexposed’ on TIGSource, it’s Cas himself. Fresh videos and other updates on indie games is what the site is about, not someone’s efforts to intentionally and repeatedly “be a wanker” in the comments.

  • grindFish

    This is visually one of the most amazing game concepts i’ve ever seen :o

    Its just so surreal, brilliantly creative use of technology thats used all to often to emulate the real world. Fuck the real world, i want to grab a jetpack and drink mushroom soup, and now i can do this thanks to flashbang :D

    Seriously cool shit, and Velociraptor safari is the best fun ive had in a modern game in a long time.

    Oh yeah, i agree with Tatan, a tshirt would be awesome.

  • curezen

    it took a second watch but i realized the brontosaurus (can’t believe i spelled that right) went through a window that switched every thing from colored to x ray. are these two dimensions going to cause some interesting puzzles. i wonder.