Revenge of the Sunfish

By: Derek Yu

On: March 28th, 2008

Revenge of the Sunfish

I love the idea that there are these rogue game developers out there, working silently in their homes after dark, and using The Games Factory/MMF to make crude, bizarre, amazing B-Games just because they get a kick out of it. I also love that, thanks to the internet, I can find out about these games and then expose you to them (against your will)!

JinxTengu’s Revenge of the Sunfish (20 Mb, direct download) is a frightening, psychedelic experience that assaults your sense of good taste with its “terrible” graphics, grating sounds, jarring transitions, and lack of consistent game rules. Gross-out humor and ultraviolence abound, albeit in a cartoonish form. But the game is also strangely playable, which is, I believe, the hallmark of great B-Games (like Sexy Hiking, for example).

JinxTengu (real name: Jacob Buczynski) has a whole page of out-of-this-world games waiting for you to explore. The games are all quite varied. So if you find Revenge of the Sunfish too unintelligible, maybe try Seismic Death… a simple top-down shooter that lets you dig through walls.

Be sure to pick up cncs32.dll and put it in your “Windows/System32” folder if you’re having trouble running the games.

(Thanks a bunch, wourme!)

  • Petri Purho

    That was bloody brilliant! The best B-Game I’ve played.

  • Oob

    MSPaint FTW

  • GirlFlash

    this is the gaming equivelent of a blender, and my brain went straight through it D:

  • Grawl

    Kinda old.

  • BTW

    Noitu Love 2 demo is available.

  • gulo gulo

    ahahah one of his games is missile command except when one of your cities gets hit instead of being destroyed the game deletes one of the files in C:/windows

  • kindofsalt

    That was the most insane game I ever played!! the author must be on acid or something.

  • Mr average

    I can’t believe my comment was deleted, the comment where I said that this was bette than cactus and flashbang games.

  • Jeppo

    more messed up than the knytt stories level ‘Don’t eat the mushroom!’

  • mjau

    Reminded me of some old PD c64 games =)

  • chutup

    Did anybody get past the level with the spaceship that shoots coins at itself? I’ve got over 1000 coins but I still can’t do anything :(

  • chinook

    Yeah, chutup, I beat it. Use the mouse for that stage. Took me a while too.

    The last little area is actually kind of fun.

  • goodlifepie


  • katlover18799

    it does not say download! What the he double hockey sticks!

  • stick
  • sohail

    Hello all,

    This is indeed a great game and seems like it’s a long time it has been released. BTW do you know we can fix the dll errors by downloading and replacing the dll files?