The Spirit Engine 2 Soundtrack – Relay for Life Promotion

By: Derek Yu

On: April 3rd, 2008

The Spirit Engine 2

Josh Whelchel, aka “TwiTerror,” the musician behind such classic games as Bonesaw and The Spirit Engine, is currently raising money for the American Cancer Society, in a program called Relay for Life. Josh is offering free, digital copies of The Spirit Engine 2 Soundtrack (when it’s done) to anyone who donates over $5 to him for Relay for Life. Donors will also be listed in the credits of the soundtrack, and possibly the game (which is hopefully coming out soon).

The completed soundtrack will contain over two hours of original music composed specifically for the game. The music ranges from very cinematic style orchestral to jazz and ambient. I will be selling the soundtrack in various collections once it is completed, including a ~$20 (not an official announcement) complete soundtrack that can be purchased digitally or on compact discs.

All the money is going to the ACS, it’s a good cause, and you get some great music (and karma) for your kindness!

  • First Post Getter

    I am first to post. Better than you.

    I am better than cancer. So I spend my money to CRUSH IT.

  • ZeppMan217

    Bonesaw – classic? MUAHAHAHA…

  • Josh

    Thanks for the post Derek. I very much appreciate it. This is an extremely serious fundraiser and every contribution is extremely appreciated. The community has already donated about $30 and the number is growing. And that was in less than a day. Keep it up.

  • Mandrake42

    Having made the move from gainfully employed to poor student Im unable to donate. But I just downloaded Spirit Engine to make up for my lack of contribution.

  • Mandrake42

    Oooh, nifty music. I can see why they would get donations for it. Wow, this guy bags his art work on his site but I think the graphics are fine. So much for doing homework.

  • Nillo

    I pretty much owe you this as I’ve listened to (and enjoyed immensely) those two soundtracks for the better part of the last month.

    So what kind of note is expected with paypal donations? Just “Relay for Life”?

  • machrider

    I haven’t heard much of TwiTerror’s music as of late but I remember that he used to use the pitch wheel a lot. Every note would rapidly zig zag back in forth from low to high pitch, sort of like you were listening to the song while drunk. But at the same time, it worked. It strangely enough went really well with TSE and the other games I’ve heard him compose for.

    Anyway, that’s irrelevant. This is a good cause. If I wasn’t poor, I would definitely donate to this cause.

  • Mark-P

    This is a fantastic idea Josh. Even for the uncharitable, $5 here gets you 2 hours of one awesome freaking soundtrack. Seriously, this is madness – you could probably pull more than $5 out of the back of your sofa.

    I would be happy to include donors in the game’s credits. Don’t expect Vegas style illuminations or a ticker-tape parade or anything, but it’d be a nice touch.

  • MisterX

    I suppose I’m going to donate about 10$. And frankly, it really is for the soundtrack. It’s been a while since I played The Spirit Engine, but I guess I also loved it because of the soundtrack. Some weeks ago when Bonesaw was released I used to listen to the soundtrack more or less every day, it is really fantastic. And now, as far as I can tell, the TSE2 soundtrack is just another step up. 5$ really is “nothing” for that, so I’m at least going with about 10$, which is still nothing but a bargain.

  • Josh

    Thanks everyone for your support! I am extremely grateful.

    If you use paypal to donate, just mention “Relay for Life” or anything regarding donations and I’ll count it. There is also a button at the bottom of the page on my page that will do the work for you.

    Thanks again, everyone!

  • mr

    First off, Josh, let me say that you did a phenomenal job with the Bonesaw soundtrack. It sounds like something from a lost Sega classic, which is never a bad thing in my book.

    That said… do you have any hints as to getting past Level 27 (the second space level)? I’ve gotten confused as to where to find one of the exits, and apparently I’m not the only one:

    Any hints would be appreciated!

  • mr

    Ah, never mind. Looks like it’s been addressed since my last post!

  • Geoff

    I should donate, loved the living hell out of the bonesaw soundtrack.

  • Josh

    I would very much appreciate the donation, Geoff. I’m currently at 50% of my goal of $1,000 which means that it is very likely I may be raising my goal sometime. There are still more than 2 weeks left to donate.