Castle Crashers Dev Blog

By: Derek Yu

On: April 8th, 2008

Castle Crashin' Bear

Did you know Castle Crashers has a development blog? Now you know! I especially like these videos of artist Dan “Synj” Paladin making his magic in Flash. Lookin’ good!

…oh jeez, who am I kidding, this entire post (and perhaps this entire site) is just a reason to post this damn awesome BEAR who’s wielding a fish as a weapon (one of the 22 unlockable characters in CC).

Castle Crashers is still slated for a Summer release.

  • First Post Getter

    I am first. You are not.

    My fish is better. Solves Rubix Cube no problems.

  • ZeppMan217

    ohh…for box only?…damn micros…

  • Felix

    Remember how Okami looked incredible at first, then took ages to come out, and finally was sort of mediocre?


  • ChuChuRocket

    Hmm… a blog regarding the development and expected release of an XBLA game? I guess this blog will be up for a few years then, right?

    Doesn’t really matter, Mr.Driller is out now, so we won’t need another XBLA game for the rest of the year. < >

    Castle Crashers looks promising but Alien Hominid was a good game on all the other systems aside from the Xbox 360 because the controller sucks for twitch shooters… same problem trying to play Contra and any other 2d side scroller. Castlevania was the only one that I could bear to even play as a side-scroller through XBLA.

  • FishyBoy

    Felix: Do you remember how OoT looked incredible at first, then took ages to come out, and finally was relly fun?

  • Zeno

    Do you remember how Zeno posted on TIGSource at first, then took ages to get breakfast, and finally had a ham omelet?

  • Mike Hawk

    Alien Hominid was little more than a Metal Slug clone, and very very overrated. I don’t have much in the way of expectations for Castle Crashers, but hey, if it isn’t dull and derivative I will be that much happier with it won’t I.

  • Joola

    Okami was great!

  • ray

    castle crashers will be the greatest game ever made

  • Benzido

    Okami was great. Anyone who says it’s mediocre has a piece missing.

  • Dusty Spur

    Okami’s dialogue scrolls at a kindergartener’s pace.

  • KiddieFiddler

    Didn’t really enjoy Alien Hominid too much, not my kind of game. Castle Crashers, however, looks like so much fun to me. On a related note, the videos of Synj drawing in flash gave me a boner.

  • notderek

    now this sure looks like a fun game.
    could be a classic. let’s hope.

  • gustav

    i hope synj dies and is replaced by a better artist.


  • Derk

    Gustav, please contain yourself.

  • GirlFlash

    okami was pretty as heck, but if everything in it happened a million times faster it would still be too slow =p

    as for castle crashers, I’m keeping an open mind, is that so hard guys? ;-)

  • Adam Atomic

    i love dan but i totally fell asleep watching that video :P still can’t friggin wait even a little bit for castle crashers!!

  • Exoduster

    Goddamnit you’re all missing the point.

    Nobody cares about Okami, Metal Slug, art or quality. The fact of the matter is, there is a bear who kills people with a fish. And that alone is worth my $10.

  • Geoff


    Amen brother, amen.

  • Joseph

    OMFG OKAMI FUCKIN RULED! >:O And I’m jealous of Dan’s highly modified version of flash :(

  • branewalker

    I’d pay 12 dollars for a bear who kills people with a SHARK.

  • MrBig

    The sad thing about Castle Crashers is that it is one of the several unique games that are slated for a 2008 release on XBLA… what a sad state. Expect a lot of shit in between…

    Ah well, off to play Ikaruga :-) M$oft seems to be holding on to it’s Japanese fan-base by a mere thread and stunts like this seem to work short term to keep the Japanese Xbox Players (or OtoBoxes as some call them… since they are a rare breed in the console market – Where Sony and Nintendo still reign supreme).

    At least Ikaruga will make me happy for a short time… until next week, when they release: “Yet-another-cloned-piece-of-shit-game”


  • BeamSplashX

    OtoBoxes, ROLL OUT.