You Found The Grappling Hook – PRO EDITION

By: Terry

On: April 14th, 2008


Messhof has created a PRO EDITION of You Found The Grappling Hook exclusively for Business Week Arcade, which recently featured the game. In the comments on his blog, he describes the changes:

Much of the gameplay is different. It now involves espionage and national security.

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  • Dusty Spur

    When I play this game, I feel like a PROFESSIONALLLLLLL

  • akuyume

    Nice and refreshing changes after spending an hour on the last one. Worth the dl.

  • mio

    Do we have to burn the damn hook this time?

  • Melly

    I don’t find it fun to read through businessweek articles normally, and unfortunately I don’t find it fun here either.

    Didn’t get very far because of that.

  • Lolfo

    Reading through Businessweek articles and getting quizzed on them a fun game does not make.

  • Zaphos


    … ?

    ( it’s not worth the download ;) )

  • Pooper

    yeah…nice try…sorta

  • Hateworkboy

    I tried answering all the questions right, and disposing of all the bodies, but got fed up immediately. I really don’t know if there’s any gameplay after you do all that.

  • cactus

    I think Business Week hotlinked his game, so he modified it just to mess with them. I actually found it kind of entertaining, although I died before I could beat it.

  • Zaphos

    Ah, hotlinking, right then.

    Incidentally, it seems that the Play This Thing! blog also got the Businessweek edition …

  • Terry

    You people can’t be serious. I thought this was hilarious.

  • Tellin

    Am I the only one that climbed up the outside of the building, skipping that window? I reached the top of the building “level” and jumped up to the next screen, but the layout surprised me and I didn’t have time to grapple onto anything so I fell back down and never made it up there again.

    Still, it makes me wonder if there’s an actual game in there after all.

  • Anonymous

    (The system might have hiccuped. In that case, excuse the multi-post)

  • Advenith

    Tellin, in response to that, there isn’t. You can get up there, but it’s more of an Easter egg… Use the power of holding right and repeatedly pressing “space” if you really wanna find out. It is kind of funny.

    That said, I finished it. I also spent about ten minutes trying to raise the damn flag.

  • kopasetic

    it’s sort of absurd that people need to be told when something is subversive.