Fantastic Blood Boy!

By: Derek Yu

On: May 1st, 2008

Fantastic Blood Boy

A late entry for our VGNG Compo, Fantastic Blood Boy is a frantic action game from none other than the lovely Gustav Kilman! In the game you play the titular Blood Boy, who is as fantastic as he sounds. Your goal is to keep the clot crystals away from the Sock Puppets who are hopping around trying to get after it. To do this, simply touch the crystal and it will fly away – but when the crystal is flying, it won’t generate the various crazy weapons you need to destroy the Sock Puppets (and create up to two more crystals!).

It’s a simple, yet novel, system, that’s complemented by manic gameplay and a poppin’ visual style. Plus, Gustav has finished a game, which means that I can finally die and rest in peace. Thank you, Gustav! This is great!

  • Cybill Shepherd


  • Derek

    190430 is my current best!

  • gustav

    Thanks for posting this, Derek! Not sure it’s worthy of being on the front page, though.
    Hrm… I hope some of you will get a few fun minutes with it, at least <3

    I just realized i never mentioned anywhere in the game that kill-combos is the way to really rack up your score.

  • Space Ranger

    What’s with the graphics?

  • ZeppMan217

    Damn COOL :D
    PS: what does that <3 mean?

  • lecarl

    It’s definitely worthy of being on the front page. It’s really quite a nice game.

  • JW

    weeee this is fun

  • Space Ranger

    “what does that <3 mean?"

    It's a love heart on it's side :P

  • Fishy Boy


    At first I disliked it, but it grew on me. Not being able to directly harm enemies is kind of cool, and I like the balance the game strikes. The weapons are kind of underpowered, in my opinion, but that’s it.

    gustav: The music was good, especially considering you did loads better on your first try than I did on my umpteenth.

  • Cutman3030

    This is a preeeeeetty amazing game.

  • Shuger

    addicting :D
    Somewhere around 120k it’s becoming total chaos hehe :]

  • Space Ranger

    Shit. I actually used the tutorial and this is pretty fun :)

  • Quetz

    This game is fun and addictive, but I must really suck at it! My high score’s 61210 D:

  • Space Ranger

    Mine is 8000 :| Can’t be playing it properly >_<

  • Jäd

    I got 33xxxx :D And now I can’t replicate the success! FRUSTRATION

  • Jäd

    No wait

    556690 <3

  • mindraven

    amazing game.pure coin op fun.
    my score 281.130 and i keep trying.
    thanks Gustav